Who is Jes2G? What does Jes2G mean? Is she even a real person?

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My random musings about the world and how I see it. I also put site news and things here.

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Highly entertaining stories crafted by me, illustrated by The Sims.

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About Stories By Jes2G

Why tell stories?

Storytelling is a powerful medium. Through a story, you can convey information, inspire change, or provide incredible entertainment. I love storytelling. Everything is a story. I think in stories. I dream in stories. Storytelling is part of who I am.

What to expect

I’m a down-to-earth person, and I love writing stories that mirror real life. I like for my readers to be able to see themselves or people they know in my characters. Some stories will make you laugh and others will well up some tears. Overall, my goal is to provide wholesome entertainment.

Story Updates

Missed a few updates? Catch up here!

Juliana – Chapter 90 Baby Daddy

Jase accompanies Hillary to her prenatal appointment and sees the baby for the first time.

Juliana – Chapter 89 Galleria Sepulveda

Kevin takes Juliana to view the progress on the art gallery.

Juliana – Chapter 88 The Circle of Life

Hillary is determined to not let her mother’s death dampen the excitement about her daughter’s life.

Juliana – Chapter 87 Missing Harriett

Juliana can’t escape the memories of Harriett and is struggling at work.

Juliana – Chapter 86 When Worlds Collide

Axel takes Juliana out to fulfill his mother’s last request of him. Will he finally see why everyone loves her so much?

Juliana – Chapter 85 Pain

Juliana finally writes back to her mother to share the pain of Harriett’s death and her decision to disobey her.

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