Who is Jes2G? What does Jes2G mean? Is she even a real person?

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My random musings about the world and how I see it. I also put site news and things here.

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Highly entertaining stories crafted by me, illustrated by The Sims.

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About Stories By Jes2G

Why tell stories?

Storytelling is a powerful medium. Through a story, you can convey information, inspire change, or provide incredible entertainment. I love storytelling. Everything is a story. I think in stories. I dream in stories. Storytelling is part of who I am.

What to expect

I’m a down-to-earth person, and I love writing stories that mirror real life. I like for my readers to be able to see themselves or people they know in my characters. Some stories will make you laugh and others will well up some tears. Overall, my goal is to provide wholesome entertainment.

Story Updates

Missed a few updates? Catch up here!

Joneses – 13.4 Just Another Day

Here’s a typical day in the new life in the Pancakes house.

Joneses – 13.3 Mommy Guilt

It was a rough day. Eliza had forgotten how rowdy drunken geeks could be. She issued so many citations, she needed a new pad. It was so tiring. When she got home, all she wanted was food and a hot bath. But, when she stepped in the door, she was met with chaos. The toddlers’…

Joneses – 13.2 Welcome Back

Eliza is itching to get back to work after being on an extended maternity leave.

Joneses: 13.1 The Most Interesting Mom in the World

And you thought Eliza was just the most interesting detective in the world…

3D: The Pruett Legacy – Part III

Jonathan and Maya go find Aubrey to complete the rest of the Pruett story.

3D: The Pruett Legacy – Part II

Maya wants to know the rest of the Pruett family history before they go find Aubrey.

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