Who is Jes2G? What does Jes2G mean? is she even a real person?

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My random musings, memories, thoughts, and stories of my life.

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Highly entertaining stories crafted by me, illustrated by The Sims 4.

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About Stories By Jes2G

Why tell stories?

Storytelling is a powerful medium. Through a story, you can convey information, inspire change, or provide incredible entertainment. I love storytelling. Everything is a story. I think in stories. I dream in stories. Storytelling is part of who I am.

What to expect

I’m a down-to-earth person, and I love writing stories that mirror real life. I like for my readers to be able to see themselves or people they know in my characters. Some stories will make you laugh and others will well up some tears. Overall, my goal is to provide wholesome entertainment.

Story Updates

Missed a few updates? Catch up here!

3D: Crazy Kids

Skylathan have date night at the romance festival, and Jonathan shows exactly how crazy he is…about Skyla.

Juliana – Chapter 126 Caution to the Wind

The family gathers again for Sunday dinner. Jase decides to take a leap of faith and share something personal with Hillary.

Juliana – Chapter 125 The Secret

Juliana’s mother talks about Kevin with him sitting there, but Juliana won’t tell him what she said. What’s the secret?

3D: Family Meeting

Jonathan calls his sister, cousins, and children together for a family meeting to discuss the plans for the memorial park.

3D: Celebrate Good Times

#Manveer has been a thing for two weeks, and they throw a party to celebrate their happiness.

Juliana – Chapter 124 Kevin and the Little Sisters

Kevin and Juliana are still in Monte Vista. He gets up early and runs into her little sisters. What will they do to terrorize him?

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