F.I.S.H. – 2.7 Home Again

Harmony’s birth did exactly what Melody thought it would do:  bring River back home. He was enamored with the little girl and spent as much time with her as he could. Having him at home made the house happy, and everyone was glad to have him around.

River of course enjoyed being home as well. He had to be strong and put on a brave face for everyone, but he often regretted spending so much time away from home. Every time he had to leave, his heart ached and tried to pull him back into the house. But, he had a job to do, and every day while he was at work, he was reminded of exactly why he was doing it. The world had become too dangerous, and being able to make it safer for them made him feel better.

“…and then, I was hanging with one arm, and I said, ‘betcha can’t hang as long as me!’ So he got on and tried to do it and he fell off after like three seconds,” Stefan yelled.

The little boys laughed at their classmate’s misfortune on the monkey bars.

“He can’t mess with me. I am the king of the playground,” Stefan shouted. “Someday, little dude…you can be just like me. A legend!”

09-10-15_8_40 PM

“Oh puh-lease,” Maurice said. “No one wants to be like you! Being a legend of the playground is dumb.”

09-10-15_8_41 PM

09-10-15_8_42 PM

Gosh, I miss these moments, River thought. I should probably step in and talk to Maurice about being so disagreeable all the time, but…I just love listening to these innocent conversations! I hope this new lead is promising. We need a breakthrough soon so I can be home on a regular basis. Gotta keep working…

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