3D Catch Up Day: Another Birthday for Maya

Author’s Note: Hello! Welcome to 3D Catch Up Day! I’ve had a bunch of fragments of ideas for pictures I’ve had over the last few months. So, Instead of wracking my brain trying to expand the ideas into entire chapters, I decided to just give you the fragments in a bunch of little vignettes. Because most of them are uber short, and I’ll be gone for a little while, I decided to post them all in one day! One vignette will post every couple of hours. By the time they’re all posted, we’ll be caught up to current day in Pruettville. Read them all at once, or spread them out while I’m gone. The choice is yours. Enjoy!


It was the moment Maya had been waiting for. She dreamt of it for so long. After fighting with her parents about her outfit, whether or not she should have a party because she was technically still grounded, and how extravagant she wanted it to be, she finally stood before the cake ready to claim her independence.


Finally, she could join her cousin, Juliana, and find out what real party life was all about. She rolled the bro trait.

Everyone congratulated her and grabbed a slice of cake. Maya sat with her sister and cousin, Mark. He was glad to be able to spend some time with her seeing as how she had abandoned their group in favor of hanging out with Anthony.


When Anthony joined them, Mark decided to mess with Maya a bit. “SO…this is the person you abandoned your family for, eh? Hi…I’m Mark…future evil overlord of Sim Nation.”

“Dude…” Anthony said, “I saw you in school last week.”


In Pruett-like fashion, there was an after party at Jonathan and Skyla’s.


After the after party, a little daddy-daughter time. She will never outgrow those moments.



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3D Catch Up Day: You’re Still Grounded

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