3D Catch Up Day: Reflection


Aubrey was a bit distracted during dinner. She was always a bit more introspective than her sister, but after a while, Maya figured something was wrong.

“What’s up?”


“Come on, Aubrey. I can hear the wheels turning way over here.”

She sighed. “My, uhh, one of my friends… His dad died.”

Maya gasped.

“Someone plead for his life and the reaper brought him back, but still! He died! What if… What if our dad died?”


Maya kind of missed the point. “His dad must have been really old! Daddy’s not going anywhere anytime soon.” She finished her food and excused herself.

Aubrey was left at the table with her thoughts. Skyla came in from tending the garden and found Aubrey in a pensive state; she didn’t even look up when Skyla entered the room.




“Hey, sweetness. What are you thinking about?”

Aubrey snapped out of it and smiled brightly at the sight of her mother. “Nothing.”

Just as Skyla was about to sit down and join her, Aubrey jumped up and embraced her. “I love you, mom.”


“Awww! I love you too, sweetness!” She came out of her daughter’s arms and looked at her through squinted eyes. “Are you sure you’re ok?”


“Mmm hmmm!” She disappeared in her room to do homework.

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