3D Catch Up Day: Updates

Savannah and her husband had been making strides in their marriage ever since he finally confessed his medical issues to her. Things were not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but they renewed their commitment to each other and promised to love and cherish each other no matter how difficult life became. In the midst of some of Manu’s good times, they found themselves again and rekindled the flame Savannah thought had been snuffed out. It was just like old times, only better. Much to their surprise, they discovered their family would be expanding soon. They never discussed having children before and were definitely not trying to have a baby, but it happened anyway. However, after they got over the initial shock, they found that it was a pleasant surprise.

Savannah was trying to get used to working with Archer. His attitude was awesome, and his work ethic was a dream. She definitely needed his help, but it took some getting used to. When she would hear the sound of crashing trays and splattering food, she wanted to get upset. But, she remembered her first day and found it in her heart to give the man some room to grow.


Things were going well at Viviana’s, and Jonathan was very proud. But, what made him even more proud was his children. He recognized the restaurant business could be hard on a family and he tried with all his might not to let the business consume him and give proper time to his girls. What he did not expect was how the girls would support each other. He knew they were close and didn’t expect them to completely abandon each other. But, he had braced himself for Maya to begin spending less time at home leaving Aubrey alone more often. It may still happen, but it hasn’t happened yet, and he was proud.


Although the Pruetts remained on a tighter budget in favor of saving to open a new restaurant, every now and then Skyla would get the urge to redecorate. Perhaps she was bitten by the bug during the Pruett Estate overhaul back in the day. She never spent much money, so Jonathan always agreed. It seemed with every revision their house got girlier and girlier. But, with a house full of women he couldn’t expect anything else. This project cost a little more than the others because a bit more construction was involved. She ripped out the old, tattered carpet and put in brand new hardwood floors, installed new, modern doors, counters, and cabinets, took down the dated paneling and put up drywall, and—of course—new furniture. They were all pleased with the results. Even if their savings plan was set back a little, at least they would have an even more beautiful home to come to at night.



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