3D: Checking In

Jonathan’s thoughts about Archer were proving to be correct. He didn’t need to pour a bunch of time and money into training him. After just two sessions of professional development, Archer was performing at the same level as Savannah, and Jonathan rewarded him as such. In turn, the restaurant performed better and maintained its 5-star rating consistently. That’s when Jonathan knew it was time to step away and go on that vacation Skyla suggested. However, before that time came, Savannah had her baby. She went into labor one afternoon. Jonathan and Skyla tried to send her home, but she wouldn’t go. She wanted to work until she couldn’t work anymore; taking unpaid time off was not something she and Manu could afford to do at the moment.


Naturally, she couldn’t control the contractions, so she tried to control her reactions to them. In order to not upset the customers, she spent a good deal of time in the kitchen and the bathroom. Thankfully, they happened slowly throughout the day, and she made it through her entire shift. She was in labor all night and the next morning. She didn’t deliver the baby until almost noon! That’s when she called Skyla to tell her the news. She and her husband are the proud parents of a sweet little girl named Madelyn. Jonathan was excited about the expansion of her family and even more excited about having Archer to fill in. He couldn’t have hired him at a better time.

The afternoon of the Pruett’s much needed family vacation, Jonathan could not resist going to the restaurant. It was his baby, and this would be the first time he left his baby alone for more than a day. He was both excited and a bit nervous. He was supposed to go in and quickly check up on everyone, make sure they knew they could call him anytime, and then go back home. However, he saw some familiar faces he hadn’t seen in a while and had to get caught up. First, he saw his cousin, Chasity, dining with a man he didn’t think she should be dining with.


He didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but he simply couldn’t find a good reason for her to be out with him. First of all, this guy was married. Secondly, Chasity was still unemployed, so they weren’t meeting up for a lunch break. They very well could have been friends—and probably were—but he knew his cousin, and he hoped she wasn’t making yet another mistake.

On his way out, Jonathan saw their favorite customers with their new addition. He couldn’t leave without meeting her and saying hello.


“Well, well, well! Is this who I think it is?” He grinned at the little girl.

“Hi! I’m Yesenia.”


She had spunk which reminded him so much of Aubrey when she was little.

“And you, dear lady…you’ve had a birthday! You look wonderful,” he said to Adrianna.

“Oh thank you, Jonathan. Is Skyla around?”

“No, and I wish she were here to see you all. I’m actually just popping in for a minute before we have to catch our flight.”

“I’m glad you’re taking a break,” Connor said. “Where to?”


“Oh! You’re going back?” Adrianna seemed shocked.

“Yeah…long story. Short version…daughters are very persuasive so…get ready, you guys.”


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