3D – I want You With Me

The morning of opening day, Jonathan woke up with excitement and anticipation in his heart. Then, he had an epiphany. Everything he had done ever since his mid-teens was all about Skyla. The man he had become was all because of her. She had been with him through everything, and it was only because of her grace and quiet strength that he made it through his worst times with very few scars. Thinking about how he stated that he wanted to do things differently this time around, he made another decision that morning and went to tell her.

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He stood there looking at her, admiring her beauty as he always did. With every passing day, he felt she got even more beautiful. Physically, she had not changed much, but it was her heart and spirit that made her even more attractive than she already was. He had loved this woman for more than half of his life, and he knew that he would be completely lost without her.

Skyla was not a stranger to his gazes of admiration, but she still had not gotten used to them. She blushed every time and tried to start a random conversation to combat the feelings of awkwardness. “So…how excited are you this morning?”

“I am uber excited, but not about what you think.” He was all smiles and came toward her to make his proposal.

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She cocked her head in curious surprise. “Oh?”

He stretched out his hand and stroked her cheek as he spoke. “Sky… You know I love you. I tell you all the time how lucky I am to have you in my life. It’s so true. I honestly don’t know where or what kind of man I would be if I had never met you!”

Just like his loving gazes, she also never got used to his silver tongue. She got emotional each time he lauded her like this.

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He continued. “You’ve been through everything with me! I don’t know what life looks like without you, and I don’t want to know. When we got married, we got involved in too much too soon. I realize that now. We were young and ready to take on the world, but we didn’t really work as a team. I had the cafe and you had the renovation. You needed me, but I wasn’t always there for you. I don’t want to make that mistake again.”

“But, Jonathan, I said I—

“Shhhh.” He placed his finger on her lips. “We’re better together. I’m better when you’re around. That’s why I want you with me.”

She was flattered, but she wasn’t certain what he was asking her.

“It’s an excellent time for us. Our children are growing like weeds, and for the moment we’re not planning on a third. You are my partner in life and the one who I trust. That’s how I want everything to be from now on. Let’s manage the restaurant together!”

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“Oh, Jonathan! I…I don’t know what to say!”

“Say you’ll be with me.”

“I don’t know anything about the restaurant business. Are you sure? I’d just be in the way.”

“You don’t need to know restaurants. You know people. That’s where the real success is! You ever wonder why some people continue to eat at mediocre restaurants when they can get better food elsewhere? It’s because they love how they are treated there and feel special. You’re perfect for the job! And…with an all female staff, I know I bound to have some blindspots. I need you, Sky.”

He was right. He was right about everything, and she knew it. How could she say no to such a beautiful proposal? As with everything new, she would be nervous, but she always found her way. Her love for him and desire to see his dreams realized prevailed, and she would do anything to help him.

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“Of course I’ll be with you.”

He was so excited, he embraced her, lifted her off the ground, and spun around happily. It was nearing that time, so they both got dressed and ready to go. Jonathan had bought a new outfit that he said implied (and I quote) “I’m the owner of the restaurant, but I’m cool and you’re going to like me.” Crazy kid. Skyla put on a new outfit as well. She had been saving it for a special occasion like a date night or something. Joining her husband in business was special enough, so she put it on. Jonathan loved her new look and made sure to let her know.

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Life is all about the adventures. Some adventures are anticipated because life tends to follow a natural progression. As Skyla became of age, she anticipated several adventures. There was the wife adventure, Pruett legacy adventure, and the mom adventure. She even anticipated the misadventure of losing her father. Very soon—sooner than she’d like—she knows she’ll go on the mother of hormone infused teenage girl adventure. After that, there will be the mother of the bride adventure. Shortly after that, the grandma adventure. Maybe after that, there would be the empty nest adventure. But, what other adventures would there be in between all of the expected adventures? Life’s surprises and unknowns are the things that keep things interesting and on our toes. This restaurant adventure was definitely one of them, and Skyla was totally down for the ride.

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