3D – Journey Vignettes Pt. 1

Hi! Jes2G here. It took about a Sim week for Jonathan to get the money he wanted for the restaurant. A lot of stuff happened, but I didn’t want to necessary tell it all in detail. So, this week, you’ll see some highlights of what occurred on their journey toward acquiring the restaurant. Enjoy!

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“So…you’re really going to let him go through with it?”

Juliette came by to see Skyla while Jonathan was at work and learned about his plans for the restaurant. She had mixed feelings about it. It was not a secret that she cared for her little brother, but it seemed that watching him hit rock bottom brought out deeper feelings that she didn’t know she had. She had grown to be very protective of him. It started on that day she went to Sky High Cafe with him and he had begun to realize what Tony had done. She was glad when they started piecing their lives back together. Part of her felt like getting back into the restaurant business was taking a step backward while another part was happy to see that his dreams hadn’t been stifled. However, no matter what opinion she had on any given day, she shared Jonathan’s original concerns about the timing; she didn’t think it was the right time. Skyla explained her feelings about the matter which put Juliette slightly more at ease, but she still retained some reservations.

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Despite the fact that Jonathan ordered her to rest and not worry about painting, she painted a few pieces when he wasn’t looking. She was too excited about this new adventure he would be on and wanted to help.

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Maya was slowly getting excited about being a big sister. Skyla was glad.

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Everyone knows that Skyla is a Neat Nancy, but she wasn’t fussy about it. She just cleaned a lot. However, Jonathan could tell the end was near when she began to take issue with everything little thing in the house. He secretly enjoyed seeing her act out of character and let her go on.

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Sure enough, the very next morning after her most recent rant she went into labor. Previously they had decided to have this baby at home. They knew they would run into the press at the hospital and didn’t want to be barraged with questions about Tony while they were supposed to be happy about their new child. After a painful yet complication free labor, Skyla gave birth to another daughter! Welcome Aubrey Pruett!

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Maya decided later on in the afternoon to finally meet her little sister. She was excited at first.

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But things didn’t end well.

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