3D: Keegan Faust

One beautiful, sunny afternoon, Aubrey made her way to Central Park Myshuno to meet with her old friend, Keegan Faust. A few days prior, she called to arrange a meeting which he gladly accepted despite sounding confused and anxious. “It’s nothing bad, I promise,” she said. “I just think we should talk in person. And, we can catch up too!” She was so excited to see her sweet, old friend. High school was a weird time filled with so much drama, senseless fights, faux allegiances and frenemies. Keegan was one of the few genuinely good people she knew. He had no ulterior motives, always did what was right, and was so kind–one of the kindest. His life was just so tragic and sad, Aubrey tried to be a friend to him while keeping a respectful distance.

Finding each other in the park proved a bit more difficult than she had planned. She and Julio typically hung out in the same spot, and she forgot how big the park actually was. After a bit of texting terrible descriptions back and forth, they found each other. She greeted him with a hug, and they sat at a semi-secluded table to catch up.

“How in the world are you?” she asked a bit more excitedly than planned.

He looked great with his haircut and beard. More mature than the tall, gangly kid he used to be. She first saw him in simology class about midway through school. He had recently arrived from Windenburg and had a cute accent to prove it. He handed the teacher a note when he walked into the classroom. Aubrey thought his head was much too big for his body, and his hair was so stringy. And, he was so pale! But, his eyes…they were like big, sad, puppy eyes; she wanted to be his friend.

“I’m getting by.” It was cute the way his head bobbed long after he finished a sentence. Little quirks like that made people so interesting. Did she have any quirks like that? “How are you? Oh, and congrats!”

“Thank you! Thank you… It’s a challenge, but I’m loving it.” Though she appreciated his congratulations, she wasn’t quite ready to go down the restaurant road yet and backed the conversation up a bit. “So…how is your brother?”

“He is lazy.”

“Oh no! He’s not giving you trouble, is he?”

“He is a teenage lazy boy. Of course he gives trouble.”

They laughed together, but her mind wandered. When the laughter settled, and an appropriate amount of silence passed, she asked what she wanted to know. “I don’t think I ever asked you…I know you came here because your mom died, but how did you and your brother end up living on your own?”


“I’m sorry. That was too personal and probably rude. I’m so sorry.”

“No, not rude. It’s ok.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Ok. Only if you want to, of course.”

“My brother and I have different fathers. Both are from Windenburg, but both moved here after our births.”

She gasped. Even though many of her friends and cousins had lived without their fathers, she found it extra shocking to learn that Keegan and Branson’s fathers not only walked out on them but also moved to another continent entirely.

My father stayed in touch somewhat and paid support, but my brother’s father did not. When our mother died, we had no more family in Windenburg. I could not afford to take care of our house even with my father’s support, and I did not want us to be separated in an orphanage. My father and I are not close, but it’s better to be closer to family than have none at all, right?”

She nodded.

“I wanted to move here, but I didn’t want to live with my father.”

“Why not?”

He struggled to answer. “He does not want much to do with us.”

“He said that?”

“No, but I have two half-sisters and a half-brother, and he did not raise them either.”

“Oh. I see. Gosh, Keegan! So…you just came here?”

“I asked him to find us a place to live. I told him I would find work and take care of everything, but he said he’d still pay the support for me. I still got a job.”

“Wow! That’s so admirable. I would be so scared to be in high school alone with my baby brother. At least yours was a child at the time. You’ve done very well for yourself, Keegan. You should be proud.”

He nodded respectfully.

“Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”


“Yeah. I wanted to… Do you…” None of the words seemed right. They sounded so uptight and stuffy in her head when she needed them to sound genuine.

“What is it?”

She took a deep breath. “Would you like a job at the restaurant? I’m going to need help soon, and you were the first person I thought of. I think you would be perfect!”

He smiled and looked interested. Oh, she hoped he was interested. She would understand if he said no but really wanted an ally a friend someone she could trust.

“I could be interested. Tell me about this job.”

“It’s a server position, so it’s similar to what you do already except more physical labor. The starting salary is probably less than what you make now, but you’ll get more hours-steady hours. And tips! And opportunities for advancement.”

He nodded. “Yes. I would be honored to work for you. When can I start?”

She squealed. “Yay! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to tell Julio! Uhh, ok, sorry. You tell me when you can start. Don’t you need to give your job a notice?”

“Ha! They’ll notice when I do not show up tomorrow. That is my notice. I quit right now.”

She laughed. “Oh, that’s terrible, Keegan! Don’t do that to them.”

“I kid, I kid. I’ll give a proper notice. Do not worry.”

“Good.” She extended her hand to him. “Welcome aboard!”

He shook her hand. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

Author’s Note: Because I know some of you would be interested, Keegan’s father Paolo Rocca, and his brother’s father is Lucas Munch. Their mother was Ulrike Faust.

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14 thoughts on “3D: Keegan Faust”

  • That damn Paolo. In every save on my hard drive, he’s a rolling stone.

    I’m glad Keegan accepted her offer. Until she sorts out what’s going on with the other employees, she could really use an ally.

    Hopefully Keegan caught the Julio name drop, hehe…

    • he he he, I’m sure he caught that. 😀

      So like, Paolo has four kids: Keegan, Chasity’s oldest daughter, and two other kids I don’t know. Lucas on the other hand, OMG. Dude has like 12 kids LOL. Keegan’s brother, Chasity’s youngest daughter, OJenn’s first daughter, and a host of other children. 3 or 4 of them are from his now wife; someone finally snagged him LOL.

  • When I get back into Sims 4 I must look up this Paola character! I think when starting a new adventure you always feel good when you have someone you trust to help. I know the whole, you should never work with friends thing, but when I opened my business I had one person I trusted completely. She stayed with me the whole 15 years as well.

    Keegan sounds like a great stand up guy. How could he not after all he has done, oh my gosh! We need more of him in the world.

    • Hey Bee! Nice to see you around here. 🙂

      There’s a mod many of us use called MC Command Center. It’s pretty much the TS4 equivalent of the Master Controller. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what MC stands for LOL. Anyway, it adds the story progression we so lack in this game, so it’s always funny to see what NPCs end up with who and how many kids they have. It seems to pick on certain sims because they always seem to be “players” in everyone’s games lol. It must have to do with their traits.

      I totally agree she should have someone she trusts even if working with friends is taboo. Her dad told her he didn’t think it was a good idea but trusted her judgment, so she went with it. I’m glad you had someone too and that it worked out! I think when friends truly respect each other and can separate the business from the friendship, they can have a powerful working relationship.

      Everyone needs a Keegan! 🙂

      • Thank you Jes. I have all the NRAAS mods for Sims 3 but had pretty much decided not to use any mods for Sims 4. I see and hear all about the issues people are having with them and wanted Sims 4 just to be a simple, fun game. I may change my mind later when I fully get back in the game. I couldn’t imagine playing Sims 3 without the mods.

        This sounds like a fun story. I shall try and catch up for sure!

  • Oh, the family tree ! I love Ulrike ! And Paolo has great genes. The narrator of my story Wonder is his son. I adore Lucas. Too bad he’s not a supportive father in your game !

    I really like Keegan , and I’m looking forward to meeting his brother !

  • I really like Keegan and am glad he is going to work for her. Keegan has a nice sense of humor and seems really kind and respectful. His father paid support but seems like Keegan would have really benefited having his father in his life. Keegan acts kind of nonchalant about that, but I imagine it must hurt deep down.

    • He did lol. He didn’t hate his job, but it was definitely a dead end job. This was a better opportunity for him seeing as how he’s still taking care of his little brother. And, of course, it didn’t hurt that Aubrey is the boss lol.

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