3D – Moments

A day did not pass that Jonathan did not thank the Watcher for his beautiful wife. He felt so blessed to spend all day every day with her. People would ask if they ever got tired of each other. His answer was always the same. He’d look at her, smile, and say no.

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Things with Savannah got noticeably better too. She was less sad and even opened up a bit more with Jonathan. He told her about his plans to hire someone, and she was grateful to hear the news. She confessed to needing help.06-25-16_9_49_10 PMSkyla’s own confidence and business acumen grew daily. She began having her own ideas during their impromptu business meetings over breakfast. She was proud of the work she did and thoroughly enjoyed making the patrons happy.

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Jonathan finally got around to discussing Aubrey’s proposal after Skyla shared it with him. “So…what’s this I hear about you wanting to work the bar?”

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“It’s only logical that I learn how to make juice, daddy! I mean, I’m going to own the restaurant one day. I should know how everything works!”

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“Uh huh,” he said incredulously. “Then what? You’re gonna want to taste the juice to make sure it’s good?”
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She turned a bit red. “Well… You can’t let good juice go to waste, heh.”

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