3D – Opening Day Pt. 3

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Savannah’s first day was not going well at all. She was distracted and needed to get her head back in the game, but she wasn’t sure how to do that. She dropped a tray of food all over Connor’s shoes right in front of Skyla. She just knew she was going to be fired and ran away to the kitchen.

“Oh my watcher. I’m so fired! I dropped a tray! In front of Mrs. Pruett! UGH! I can’t get fired on the first day!”

Tiana sympathized with her mishap but was disappointed to know that she would have to stop and make the dishes again.

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Meanwhile, Skyla was apologizing to the guests and cleaning up the mess.

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In the kitchen, Tiana took a deep breath and tried to talk down her coworker. “Look, Savannah…it’s the first day! There are bound to be mistakes. No one is getting fired, ok? Mr. Pruett wouldn’t do that. So… take a minute, get yourself together, get back out there and make it right.”

Savannah did just that.

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(sigh) Deep breath, Savannah.

“Excuse me, sir…I’m very sorry I dropped food all over your shoes. I can’t replace your shoes, but I can speak with the owners about giving you a free meal.”

Skyla was returning from washing her hands in the bathroom and saw Savannah speaking with Connor. She decided to stand there and watch how she handled herself from behind.

“I wouldn’t think of doing that,” Connor said.

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“I’m sorry?”

“They’re just shoes,” Connor said. “I can get another pair.”

Savannah was still confused but glad that he wasn’t upset. “Ok…can I offer you dessert or drinks on the house?”

“No, but thank you. I want to support the Pruetts. We’ll pay for everything we eat here. And, young lady…relax. You look a bit worked up. I know you’re nervous about it being the first day, but you’ll do better when you’re relaxed.”

She smiled at the odd and unexpected advice. “I’ll do my best, sir.”

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Savannah went from the McDonnell’s table to the table that never received their food that ended up on the floor. She apologized profusely and assured them that their meal was the kitchen’s top priority. Then she retreated to the kitchen to tell Tiana all about what happened with Connor. Skyla saw an opportunity to speak with Savannah and followed her into the kitchen. Little did she know that her presence would strike fear into Savannah’s heart.

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“Savannah, may I speak with you please?”

“Uhh, s-sure.” But Savannah didn’t move.

“Would you mind if we stepped outside?”

“Oh, Mrs. Pruett I’m sorry! It won’t happen again I promise! Please don’t fire me!”

Skyla chuckled. “I’m not firing you. I just want to talk…and Tiana has a lot of work to do, so…let’s just go outside.”


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“Are you ok? You seem a bit distracted.”

Savannah took a deep breath and decided to tell the truth. “I’m not gonna lie to you, Mrs. Pruett. I have a lot of personal stuff going on right now. Distracted would be an upgrade for me!”

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“I understand. Look, we all have rough days. It’s a part of life! So don’t think you’re gonna get fired for every little thing you do. It’s the first day and this is a new restaurant. Everyone will understand that there will be mistakes, ok? Don’t worry about anything. Just relax and do your best. And if you need a minute, just let us know. I’m here if you want to talk or anything, ok?”

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Pruett. I feel a lot safer now.”

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“Please, call me Skyla.”



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