3D – Opening Day Pt. 4

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The lunch rush was fierce, but nothing Tiana couldn’t handle. As long as Savannah didn’t drop anymore plates, she could stay in the grove she found herself in.

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The dining room was buzzing with chatter from happy, full diners. Jonathan had to be part of it and closed the bar so he could interact with his patrons. Table by table, he went around introducing himself to the ones he had never met and welcoming the others who were glad to be in another one of his establishments. Skyla stood in the corner and watched him. He looked happy. He looked like he was destined to do this, and she was so incredibly proud to be there to witness it.

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Jonathan saw Savannah clearing tables and thought it may have been a good time to catch up with her as he hadn’t seen her since she arrived that morning. He felt like she wasn’t completely honest when she said that she was only nervous, but he didn’t want to pry.

“Hi Savannah! How’s everything going?”

“Oh, hi Mr. Pruett!”

“Are you feeling better?”

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She thought about it as she saw Skyla in her peripheral vision. “Yes. Yes I am. Your wife was very kind.”

“Sky helped you?” He wasn’t surprised at all. He was just glad to see his vision coming together and working. “Yes…my wife is amazing.”

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Savannah appreciated how much Jonathan loved Skyla. It was encouraging to see, but it was disturbing as well. Her husband didn’t speak of her like that anymore. However, she couldn’t let the feeling that was rising up ruin her day. She didn’t want to let Skyla down.

Jonathan left Savannah to speak with Skyla and let her know exactly how awesome he thought she was.

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He was gazing at her again, and she smiled nervously. “Hi.”

“Savannah sings your praises,” he said.

“Oh. It was nothing. She just needed some encouragement,” she said sheepishly.

“Sky…this is what I wanted! This is what I was talking about this morning. We’re going to be highly successful because of you.”

She wasn’t quite sure what to say. Honestly, she thought that he didn’t give himself enough credit, but she knew what he meant.

“I love you,” he said. “And ummm…you shall be justly rewarded when we get home.”

“Jonathan! Not in front of the customers.”

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