3D – Party Time

It was time for Skyla’s adult birthday. After having been at that point before, and started her young adult life again, she felt that it was time and looked forward to finally being the mature woman that she already was mentally. Instead of celebrating quietly at home with the family, Jonathan decided that it would be a nice time to invite the employees over to show them some appreciation. Skyla thought it was a great idea and didn’t mind sharing her day with them at all. They closed the restaurant early to give the ladies a rest and some time to change for the party.

In the Pruett household, Jonathan cooked a few platters of food and a lovely black and white cake for Skyla while she finished cleaning up (not that the house was actually in a wreck). Aubrey said she wanted to help her father in the kitchen, but the text she received completely stole her attention. Maya was still mad about being grounded for the next month. When all the work was done, Jonathan and Skyla took a moment to appreciate their handy work before they had to play host and hostess.

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Savannah was relatively new to the area wasn’t familiar with the Pruett legacy, but Tiana was. She knew the Pruetts were a huge deal and everything they touched flourished, but she didn’t play close attention like the McDonnells did. She would see bits and pieces of happenings in SimBook every now and then. When Jonathan lost everything, she heard about it, but never really got the whole story and halfway believed it. But, when she arrived at the house, she was very shocked to find out that it was true.

“Oh! It’s…it’s a trailer!”

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The other ladies began trickling in after Tiana and made themselves at home. Jonathan invited them to eat while everyone mingled. “Save room for cake,” he said. When all bellies were satisfied, Jonathan commenced his program and called everyone to sit. “Tiana, Savannah, Aylin…thank you for coming. We have a little surprise for you! Not only is this Skyla’s birthday party, but also we just wanted to thank you for all you do. Ummm, employee appreciation party if you will, he he.”

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Similarly to when she was a child, Aubrey admired Jonathan and imagined herself speaking to her employees one day.

“I know we’ve given you raises and promotions,” he continued, “but I didn’t want that to be the only way you know that we care. I know you don’t have to work for us, and we do not take that for granted at all! All the hard work that you do does not go unnoticed. So, in honor of you, enjoy your day tomorrow. We’re closing the restaurant!”

Aylin, Savannah, and Tiana gasped, applauded and cheered in agreement with the announcement.

“Sky, my sweet one, I tell you every day how much I love and appreciate you. I can’t say it enough! You don’t know how happy you made me when you agreed to work along side me. I’m not sure how we would be doing without you. Ladies, she is the one who makes it all work!”

“Oh, Jonathan. Stop.”

“And she’s always so modest. Who’s ready for cake? Are you ready, my dearest?”

Skyla got up stood in front of the cake while everyone else gathered around. They sang to her, threw confetti, and make a huge ruckus in her honor. Well, everyone except Maya. She decided she needed seconds.

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Skyla huffed and puffed and blew out the candles…

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…but she didn’t age up. She simply stood there soaking in her last few moments as a young woman not knowing when they would actually end. Everyone went with it and congratulated her anyway.

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After cake a little more conversation, Skyla began to clean up. Jonathan didn’t really want her doing it, but he knew better to contest it and let her be.

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Shortly after, Tiana and Aylin decided they needed to return home. Savannah was glad because she wanted some alone time with Skyla who was also glad the other two ladies left. She hadn’t had much time with Savannah and wanted to catch up.

“How are you, Savannah?”

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“As well as could be expected.”

“That doesn’t sound very good at all,” Skyla said.

“Yeah. Well… Actually, I found out why my husband seemed to change all of a sudden.”

Skyla wasn’t sure what to expect.

“He’s…not well. It was easy for him to hide before we got married because we didn’t live together, but of course after…”

Skyla treaded carefully. “What do you mean by not well?”

“He’s crazy. Like, actually crazy.”

Skyla wasn’t sure whether she should say “I’m sorry,” something else, or nothing at all.

Savannah could sense her hesitation and saved her. “It’s ok. Oddly enough, I’m relieved to know. I thought he was falling out of love with me or something. He has fits of anger and passion…and sadness. He’s been lingering in this sadness pattern for a lot longer than usual. I suppose it kinda morphed into depression, and that was why he was refusing to get a job.”

“He’s better now?”

“Yeah. In between his fits, he’s perfectly normal. That’s when he told me. He apologized for making me carry the weight, and he found a job!”

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“Oh that’s wonderful, Savannah! I’m glad everything is looking up for you!”

“Me too. I mean, it’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination, and I’ll have to learn how to deal with him in these fits. But at least I understand what’s going on with him and I haven’t lost the man I love.”

Skyla and Savannah talked for another hour about Savannah’s husband before she finally decided to call it a night. Maya and Aubrey had gone to bed, so Jonathan urged Skyla to go relax while he washed the last stray dishes and turned everything off. He thought he would find her fast asleep as it was very late, but she was wide awake and waiting him sitting on the bed. They began to talk. It’s not like they didn’t talk daily, but there was always a timer on their conversations. They spoke briefly over breakfast before work. They spoke briefly during breaks at work. The spoke briefly at dinner and between hanging out with their daughters. Then, it was time to go to sleep and do it all again. In a way, she missed him. She planned on taking full advantage of their day off, and they talked until the sun began to show itself.

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Around 5 or 6, the cute couple’s conversation slowed and they showed signs of fatigue. Jonathan scooted as close as he could get to her. He leaned in until their faces almost touch. He asked, “Is there anything I can do for you to make your birthday epic?”

She narrowed her eyes and grinned at his suggestion. “Actually…there is

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“…you give the absolute best shoulder massages!”

That wasn’t completely what he was going for, but whatever Skyla wanted was what he was more than glad to do.

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06-26-16_12_01_49 AM

“I love you, Jonathan.”

They went to sleep.

Skyla was awake first, a few hours later, like always and noticed that she didn’t have her adult body yet. She didn’t mind, but she was already a week younger than Jonathan and didn’t want to further their age gap anymore. So, she baked herself a simple cake and blew out the candles again. She aged up beautifully, and she was glad.

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