3D: Sister

“Watch me, Aww-bee, watch me!”

The little boy rocked and shook his rump and everything else to steal his sister’s attention because one sister was not enough, naturally.

Aubrey always thought her little brother was cute, but she had other more urgent business to conduct. “I see you changed your relationship status!”

Maya snorted. “And you said I’m the one who’s the stalker?”

“Whatever. So are you gonna tell me about it or not?”

“There’s not much to tell!”

“Ugh! When did you become so boring?”

“I’m not boring! I’m…responsible.” She nodded.

“Responsible for what? I’m your sister, not the press!”

“Look at me! Look at me,” Oliver shouted.

“Look at you go, Ollie,” Maya said.

She was always powerless against him. Maybe she had baby fever or something. Whatever the reason, Aubrey wasn’t going to let her escape and get sucked into Oliver’s world that easily.

“So tell me! How did it happen?”

Jonathan came downstairs and saw Oliver doing his best to include himself in the conversation. “Hey buddy! Come dance with me.”

“Daddy, daddy!”

“There isn’t really much to tell. I ran into him at the gym, and he could tell I was a bit frustrated so he suggested we went out that night.” She shrugged. “We had great conversation…and he asked me! That’s it.”

Aubrey sucked her teeth. “That is so not it! I swear, if I read the details on your blog, I’m gonna pound you!”

“You can’t even spell pound.”

It bothered her that Maya wouldn’t give her the details. She knew her, and that half-baked story had way too many holes in it. Was it a trust thing? When did she get kicked out of her circle of trust? She couldn’t recall doing or saying anything to violate her trust. It had to be deeper than that. Maybe…pain related? Aubrey thought she had gotten over all that stuff already. She sure pretended like she did. No matter the reason, Aubrey was very excited about this stage in their lives. Maya wasn’t extremely older than Aubrey, but she was old enough to always leave her behind. But, for once in their lives, they were in the same place, and Aubrey thought it was the best thing ever.

“Isn’t it so awesome we’re dating at the same time?”

“…is it?”

“Why sure it is! We can–we can go on double dates! And then, our boyfriends will create this elaborate plan to propose to us at the same time! And we could have a double wedding! Oooh! We could get pregnant at the same time and our kids will grow up together, and our husbands will be best friends…it’ll be sooooo romantic!”

“You’re serious?”

“Well…yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Maya laughed. “That’s a terrible idea!”

“It isn’t!”

“Yes, it is! We’re not twins Aubrey. How do you think we’re supposed to be able to share each other’s happiness if we’re both busy with whatever? I don’t want to get married with you. I want to go dress shopping with you, and help you get ready and watch you cry like a baby under the arch.”

Aubrey snorted.

“And when you’re back from your honeymoon, you’ll have my undivided attention when you tell me all your adventures.”

She nodded slowly and began to see where her logic was flawed.

Somebody has to make sure he pampers you while you’re pregnant, and I want to be there when you have your first baby. I want to be with you and be there for you.”

Aubrey felt an unexpected wetness on her cheek and wiped it away. “You’d do all that for me?”

Maya’s eyes narrowed. “No. I can’t stand you… Seriously, Aubrey?”

She chuckled. “You know you loooove me!”

“Nah. I feel sorry for you.”

“Whatever! You meant every word!”

Maya smiled. “Maybe.”

Aubrey knew she was loved by her sister. There was never a question of it. She just needed reminding every now and then especially when their lives barely intersected those days. Everything she mentioned sounded amazing, and she couldn’t wait to experience it all and do the same for her sister.


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