3D: The Big News

Jonathan and Skyla sat in the living trying to watch television while keeping an eye on their daughters. They didn’t want them to scurry too far or get involved in too much while they gathered the courage to share the big news. Aubrey was probably chatting with her friends, and Maya was about to cozy up with a book. Skyla quietly cleared her throat and nodded to Jonathan signaling she was ready to get the show on the road.

Jonathan cleared his throat too. “Girls…can you sit with us for a second?”

Maya gladly put her book away while Aubrey let out a frustrated sigh. Her random acts of sassiness confused him. For the most part, she was sweet just how Skyla nicknamed her. But other times, the passive aggression was so prominent. He didn’t remember Maya being that way and figured the behavior came from kids at school. Or, maybe she was still upset about the Julio situation.

Once the girls were seated, Skyla began their agenda. “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but if not…there will be a new family member soon.”

Maya gasped and grinned happily. Aubrey looked at her with her eyebrows raised in confusion.


Maya laughed. “Look at her, silly!”

Jonathan laughed too.

She did look and gasped as well. “You’re pregnant??”

Skyla glanced at Jonathan, and he held her hand. Neither of them knew how the girls would react and hoped for the best.

“Yes, sweetness.”

Memories of a similar conversation with young Maya came across Jonathan’s mind. “How do you feel about that?”

Aubrey’s mouth opened and closed a few times, stopping the words before they reached the surface. “Uhhh…fine? I guess?”

“It’s just unexpected,” Maya said, speaking for her sister. “And…a little bit weird…if I can be honest.”

“Please, always be honest,” Jonathan said. “It’s surprising and weird for us too, believe me.”

An awkward silence hung in the room like low hanging fog.

“But…where will the baby go? Will we have to share a room now?” Aubrey asked.

“That’s the other thing we wanted to say. We’re going to have to move,” Jonathan said.

Aubrey sat back in her seat. “Oh.”

“Your mother and I discussed it, and we think it will be best to get a new house rather than adding onto this one. But, if either of you is terribly opposed to it, we can discuss it further.”

He looked at both of them hopefully. He had his heart set on moving but didn’t want to make the girls unhappy in the process.

“I think moving is great,” Maya said.

“Me too.”

Jonathan released the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m glad. I think it will be good for us.”

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