3D: The Boyfriends Part III

After dinner, Maya saw Aubrey and Julio disappear into the backyard, so she invited Ranveer to her room. Her parents watched them with goofy smiles; they were so weird. She was glad they were happy for her, but geez, did they have to sit there and watch them like that? Didn’t they have dishes to wash or a baby to put to bed or something?

She let Ranveer into her room, and he looked around, nodding at everything as if he approved. “It looks exactly how I imagined.”

“And how’s that?”

“Simple yet chic.”

Chic wasn’t a word she expected to come from his mouth, but thinking about it, that was a perfect description of who she was: simple and chic. She always kept a trendy physical appearance, wearing nice clothes and shoes but keeping her hair and makeup relatively simple. Her room had nice accent wall treatments, but there wasn’t much clutter or decoration. Her tastes in most things were basic with a hint of sophistication, and he already knew this about her; it was a good sign.

He sat on the bed, letting out a satisfactory sigh; her father hit the mark by making lamb. The pictures on the wall caught his attention. The churning in her stomach caught hers, and she let out an uncomfortable moan.

He promptly ceased gazing upon her beautiful family and cast his attention on her. “Whoa, are you ok?”

“I don’t know,” she groaned, clutching her stomach.

“Uh oh…these aren’t my hair holding clothes, buuut I suppose I could make it work.”

Laughing was a great distraction from the discomfort in her stomach. He always made her laugh at the perfect times.

“Here.” He scooted closer. “I got you.”

He motioned for her to turn around. Cupping her shoulders, his thumbs pressed into her shoulder blades as he spoke about some nasty bug that supposedly plagued his office. Disease lurked in every corner, and everyone feared they would be next. The ones who did get sick narrowly escaped with their lives. The drama was way over the top, and she loved every bit of it. He was so much like her dad, it was scary. Something occurred to her, however, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you laughing at my coworkers’ misfortunes?”

“No. I’m just wondering how a massage is supposed to make my stomach feel better.”

“Well, it’s not, but what else can I do?”

She batted her eyes and beckoned for him to come closer. “I’m sure you’ll come up with something.”

“Maya…you are hotter than the spiciest curry at the festival. But if you hurl in my mouth? I swear I’ll block you on Simstagram so fast.”

“HA! Is that a criminal offense?”

“The worst of the worst.”

She laughed. “I’ll do my best, but I won’t make any promises.”

He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek instead.

“So…you survived your first Pruett family dinner! How do you feel?”

He grinned. “You guys are amazing.”

“That’s it? No fangirling? We must not have impressed you enough.”

“Stop. You know I thought highly of you guys before I got here. I love your family.”

Not that she doubted he would be a big hit with her family, and vice versa, but she was so relieved to hear him say it. And, as annoying as her parents’ goofy smiles and gazes were, she was glad they approved of Ranveer. Despite never bringing a man home before, she had so much drama with men. She knew her parents were simply glad she found a good one. If only she was sure she could have him forever. Being honest with him about her true self scared the heck out of her, but she had to tell him. And soon. But not that night. It was a good night.

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