3D: The Family

On Jonathan and Skyla’s off days, they did more than chores and make time for each other. They made time for their other family as well. Every now and then, they’d go across the street to Uncle Emerson’s house and spend time with his wife, Catlyn, and son.

Jonathan tried to spend as much time with his sister before she passed away. That also meant spent spending time with Juliana, getting to know her husband, Karim, and watching Carlee grow.

“You’re going to look just like your sperm donor, aren’t you…”

As much as he could, he spent time with his own best friend and cousin, Derek.

Jonathan knew many men, but he didn’t have many friends. He appreciated how he and Derek maintained their friendship throughout the years despite each having their own families and lives to tend to. Jonathan loved the women in his life to pieces, but there were so many of them. Derek felt the same way. They each had infant sons they couldn’t hang with yet, so they made time for “man talk” as often as possible. They got away from their houses and all the women in their lives and just talked as two men. But, they were still family and couldn’t stay away from the family gossip for long. It turns out Chasity, Derek’s sister, had finally gotten her life in order. She stopped going to clubs to pick up men and got herself a good job. They were both so proud of her.

At odd times, Jonathan felt grateful to be alive. When he considered the relationships he treasured within the family, he remembered how he and Skyla took the youth potion many moons ago. He wasn’t even sure if he would have been alive still, but he was so grateful to be present in those moments and never took them for granted.

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