3D: The King and the Prince


“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle. In the castle lived a very handsome king, heh. He wasn’t the biggest or the strongest, but he had a cute face, great hair, and the coolest beard ever, tee hee hee. The king was married to the queen, and oh dear Watcher, she was the most fairest of the fair! She was HOT! Smokin hot! Mmmm!


Where was I…oh…the king and the queen had two princesses, and like their mother, they were the fairest maidens in the land. All the princes from other lands, the dukes, lords…the jesters and the dunces [eye roll] wanted the two princesses, but the king wanted someone as noble as himself and none of those jerks would do. Much later, the king and the queen had a little prince, and he brought much joy to the castle.

He was a spoiled little booger, and the king and queen and princesses liked to carry him all the time. But he was such a sweet prince. A little charmer! Hmph, if he stays charming his entire life, all the little princesses and ladies and duchesses and maidens better watch out! And they better have their life in order too. [snort] Anyway, the king liked to play with the prince. He would throw him up in the air and then dunk him upside down…like a cookie in milk! Uhh, heh, the queen didn’t like it when the king did that…

…but not even she could deny that the prince’s laughter was cute and contagious. It filled the entire castle and made everyone smile.

The end! Goodnight…little prince.”

The king must goeth and beguile the queen! Hee hee 

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