3D: The Party Crew

Maya and Penny were best friends. She was the first person she met on her first visit to San Myshuno, and they have been inseparable ever since. Maya owed her success to Penny for it was she who recommended her for the job and gave her good advice along the way.

Partying with Penny had always been fun, but her new friends made party time even more epic. First, there was Nikolas, the guy with the smooth, dark skin. One night, she walked in the bar and saw this man scowling at her.

She made light of the situation and made him laugh. It turned out his expression had nothing to do with her and was purely coincidental. He was glad she didn’t think anything of it and wanted to keep in touch.

He and Penny seem to not mind each other’s company, but nothing has come of it yet. They like to pretend they’re not into each other.

Tobias, the light-skinned guy with the long, red dreadlocks always seems to be close by. Maya doesn’t mind that one bit, but after failing so miserably with Anthony and Akira, she’s been a bit gunshy and is waiting for some solid cues before doing anything.

Brayan is so fair-skinned, they call him “ghost.” He has the most beautiful blue eyes Maya had ever seen. He just happened to be in the same club as them one night, and they sort of grafted him into the crew.

Not that Maya and Penny minded being around a group of gorgeous men, but they were glad to add another woman to the group. Maya and Logan were sitting at the same bar one night and struck up a conversation. Sven, from Windenburg, walked in with the intention of talking to Maya, but Logan stole his attention. They’ve been close ever since, but they are more intentional about it than Penny and Nikolas are.

The last addition to the crew was not a new friend. Maya never forgot about Vik, the nice guy from the gym and karaoke bar. They had exchanged numbers, but she was too afraid to make the first move. She, Penny, Nik, Tobi, Logan, and Brayan had been hanging together for a while before she decided to give Vik a call. At first, she was nervous about bringing him into the fold.

What if he felt threatened by the other guys? What if he got the wrong impression? She went down that road for a while, but then she decided it was a silly train of thought. Every man she came in contact with wasn’t going to like her like that, and she didn’t even know if he liked her although she thought he might. At least she wanted him to. Either way, he had her number and had not contacted her yet either. That was very telling. Perhaps if he saw how Tobi constantly hung around her, that would put fire under his feet if he did like her.

*pretending to check phone and not know he’s trying to check her out while also feeling threatened by another man*

For the moment, Maya is fine just hanging out with the party crew. Having a large group of friends is something she never had before and always wanted. But, while her new kindred spirits help her fulfill that part of her life that needs to party and have fun, there’s another part of her that remains unaddressed. And, to be honest, it’s downright frustrating.

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