3D – Time Flies

As time flew on, changes followed. Some were expected, others were not. But, most were welcomed.

Jonathan celebrated his adult birthday!

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His employees were performing wonderfully and were all promoted to the highest levels.

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Their favorite guests remained faithful and still came daily. Adrianna came by herself mostly during the day, and then Connor would show up at night with some of his coworkers. Whether single or together, the McDonnells were always happy to be at Viviana’s.

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They even had a little surprise of their own.

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They always wanted children and thought that time was escaping them because of their age. But their little girl will be arriving just in time.

When problem arose, Jonathan was glad to have the skills to take care of them himself.

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Aubrey began working at the restaurant a few times a week. When she got home, she’d run across the street and start clearing tables; she always arrived during the dinner rush.

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At first Savannah was nervous about what having Aubrey around would mean for her job. But after seeing that she was just there to help, she welcomed it because she really needed it. Aubrey made sure to stay out of her way, but she was very excited about getting more involved and even owning this place one day.

06-17-16_11_15_46 PM

When she found a lull in service, she would take a break and get her homework done.

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It took Jonathan and Skyla a while to agree to this, but eventually they decided that Aubrey could start greeting customers and recommending dishes. She was stoked.

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In Maya news, she was very surprised when Anthony called one night and asked her on a date. He took her to the Mexican Food Shack: the restaurant her father’s friend Lee owned in Magnolia Pomenade. Despite the fact that the host was rude and they never actually got their food, they had a nice time.

“What are YOU doing here? You here spying for your father? You should be at home in bed. I oughta call the cops!”
“What are YOU doing here? You here spying for your father? You should be at home in bed. I oughta call the cops!”

Oh…and she finally got that kiss she wanted. Well, she went for the kiss, rather.

06-18-16_12_48_57 AM

He liked it.

06-18-16_12_49_38 AM
Hmmmmm…needs work

She asked him if he wanted to do it again.

06-18-16_12_49_48 AM
“We never got our food, so how about dessert?”

She got home extremely late, and Skyla was waiting up for her. When she heard Maya’s footsteps trudging on the gravel walkway, she shot up out of her seat and dashed out the door. She stood on the porch and looked at Maya to make sure she was all right. When she saw that she wasn’t hurt and was in good spirits, she made her way down the stairs to meet her.

“Hey. Did you have a good time?” she asked.

Maya was confused at her mother’s casualness. Well, Skyla was always casual, but she thought that she was going to yell this time. “Yeah. It was fun,” she said and tried to brush past her.

Skyla blocked her with her shoulder and looked at her square in the eyes and smiled. “Good. This is never happening again. Ok, pumpkin?”

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