7.10 “D” Day

Cadence and Cameron were up early discussing potential names for their child over breakfast.

“So,” Cameron started, “I’ve been thinking of names. What about Aloysius?”

12-30-14_7-25 PM

“Are you for real?”

“Ok…scratch that one. How about Sebastian?”

12-30-14_7-27 PM

“Sebastian? Really?”

“What’s wrong with Sebastian?”

“Are these your best names? And why are they all boys’ names?”

“I’m feeling lucky.”

“Riiiight. I’m just gonna go ahead and fire you from baby naming duty, ok?”

“Ok. I guess you don’t want your child to have a good, strong name then.”

“I don’t want my child to get beat up in school!”

“Whatever,” he said playfully and left the room.

Myra waddled in to get some leftovers for breakfast. She looked like she was ready to explode.

12-30-14_7-30 PM

“Good morning! It’s almost that time, huh?”

“Yeah. I wish it were now. I feel like crap.”

12-30-14_8-17 PM

“Ohhhh, boy…,” she groaned.

“Are you ok? Should I get Lance?”

“No. I’ll be all right. I feel like I have an entire ball team inside me, and they’re playing a championship game!”

“Do you think there’s more than one?”

“I don’t know, but it sure feels that way.”

“Twins are pretty popular in this family, you know.”

Now I do, thanks. That would have been nice information a week ago.”

12-30-14_8-17 PM-2

“So when are you due, like tonight,” Myra asked.

“Yeah. I think it’s like 12 hours after you.”

“Wow. This is about to be a mad house. Anyway, I’m gonna take this upstairs and put my feet up.”

Just as she was leaving the kitchen, her labor pains began. She waddled up the stairs and went to wake her husband up.

12-30-14_8-19 PM

“Lance,” she said quietly.

Whatever he was dreaming of must have been good because he was smiling in his sleep. She sat on the bed to get his attention.

12-30-14_8-20 PM


“I didn’t get to ride the llama,” he said in his sleep.


“What? I’m up,” he said waking up suddenly.

“Don’t get crazy, but we need to go to the hospital soon.”


“I said don’t get crazy! I’m fine. We have plenty of time.”

“Time? Ummm…ok…so…I can eat?”

“Yes! Do whatever you need to do. It’s fine. I promise.”


He made a beeline out of the bedroom and downstairs.

12-30-14_8-21 PM

12-30-14_8-23 PM

Myra joined him just to make sure he didn’t do anything crazy.

“So…we’re going to be parents in an hour or two,” he asked.

“Or sooner.”


“Nevermind. Forget I said it. Why are you guys always such scaredy cats when it comes to birth?”

“I don’t know! It’s in the male DNA or something.”

12-30-14_8-25 PM

“Yeah. It probably is. Ugggh! Are you almost finished eating??”

“Oh no! Uhh, yeah! What do I do??”

“Let’s just go.”


They went to the hospital, and within an hour, they came out with what they were expected plus two more surprises!

12-30-14_8-42 PM

“What in the world have we gotten ourselves into,” Lance said with mixed emotions.

“Oh, Lance! Triplets!! I’m soo happy!”

12-30-14_8-55 PM

Lance ran inside to meet his children, and Myra went inside to sit down and process what just happened to their family.

12-30-14_9-02 PM

“Hello, my little prince! I’m going to name you…Owen! You, little dude, are going to be very important one day. I’ll explain it all when you’re older.”

12-30-14_9-04 PM

“And you, my princess, are going to be little-miss-princess…Alayna! You are the most beautiful little girl in the world…and I love you.”

12-30-14_9-01 PM

“Finally, my youngest…and my youngest son. Some would call you a spare, but you’re no such thing. You are significant to me! Let’s give you a good, strong name. You look like you may grow up to be tough. Let’s call you…Brady! Wow…three children…I guess we’re done!”

Meanwhile, in the den, Myra was resting with Cadence.

12-30-14_9-07 PM

“Girl, you will never guess what happened,” Myra said.

“What happened? Is the baby ok?”

The baby has two other siblings!”

“What?! You guys have triplets?? What is going on in this family? I’m afraid now!”

“Don’t be. You’re not nearly as big as I was. I’m sure you just have one in there.”

“I sure hope so!”

“Come on…you want to see them?”

“Of course!”

12-30-14_9-09 PM

“I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite, but this little girl right here is so precious to me!”

12-30-14_9-10 PM-2

“It’s me and you, babygirl, against three boys! We gotta stick together.”

Myra put Alayna down and grabbed Brady to bond with him. With all the babies in the room, Cadence was overwhelmed with excitement.

12-30-14_9-16 PM

Several hours later, Cadence and Cameron were sitting in the living room waiting for something to happen. They were both very antsy.

12-30-14_10-07 PM-2

“I’m gonna be a dad tonight, I’m gonna be a dad tonight,” Cameron sang, dancing in his seat.

“That’s cute. I’m gonna call Melody.”

“You’re calling her NOW??”

“Calm down, dear. I’m fine. I’d just feel more comfortable if she were here before.”

“Oh! Whew! Ok.”

12-30-14_10-06 PM

“Hey…no, it’s not time yet….Because I want you here early!…Well, bring them if you need to. They can spend the night….Ok, whatever, just come now, ok?”

12-30-14_10-07 PM

“Whoa! That was a strong one, baby!”

“Ha! An athlete. Told ya it was a boy.”

“Like girls can’t be athletes!”

“Well…yeah, but who watches girls’ sports?”

12-30-14_10-07 PM-4

“You are a chauvinistic prick, you know that?”

“Oh yeah. We’re going to have a whole army of pricks.”

“I love you…but we’ll see how this one goes first.”

Melody finally arrived and sat down and joined the conversation. A few minutes after her arrival, Cadence started feeling uneasy, but she didn’t speak up.

“What’s that look on your face,” Melody asked. “You just went into labor, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she said sheepishly.

12-30-14_10-13 PM

Cameron went into full blown pre-natal panic mode.

“Well, don’t sit here and suffer! Go on to the hospital.”

Melody sent them on their way, and she went to check on and meet the other babies until they got back.

Cadence and Cameron arrived home with a beautiful little girl named Brianna Michelle Clemons. Cadence was exhausted, hungry, and needed to empty her bladder. Myra was in bad shape by that time as well. So, the new mothers took care of themselves and went to bed and left the fathers to the night shift–and it was one extremely long night.

Melody was juggling the Pruett babies when Brianna and Cameron arrived.

12-30-14_10-24 PM

“MAN there’s a lot of babies in here! I feel like I’m under attack or something. I don’t know WHAT I would have done with three babies.  I probably would have run away too. Hmmm….”

12-30-14_10-24 PM-2

“Oh, Cameron! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve got to get back home to my children. It’s almost 11.”

“Oh, of course. I got these. You go on home.”

“Thanks. I’ll see about coming back tomorrow.”

From the time she left until he got all the babies satisfied at the same time, four hours went by–and he took care of them alone! Lance had been trying to lose weight recently and had started doing endurance runs. He was in the middle of one while Cameron was handling his unhappy children. After Cameron got the Pruett babies straightened out, he could finally spend time with his own child.

12-30-14_10-27 PM

“Finally! The one that has my name!”

12-30-14_10-27 PM-2

“So…you’re not a boy, but I love you dearly! I hope you grow to look just like your mommy:  the most beautiful Sim in the world!”

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