7.11 Real Parenthood

The triplets finally had their birthdays and aged up to be three energetic chatter boxes.

12-31-14_10-19 PM

Their parents were ecstatic about getting to know their children’s personalities–and being out of the baby stage! Myra was happiest of all as she often found herself giggling in her sleep.

12-31-14_8-54 PM

Life got back to normal–the new normal–with Lance practicing his comedy routines for the family, the kids playing, and Myra taking care of everyone. It was good that the boys had the same aspiration because they always had someone to play chess with who actually wanted to. They’ve gotten really close.

You keep thinking over there, loser.
You keep thinking over there, loser.
The force is strong with THIS one, son!  CHECKMATE!
The force is strong with THIS one, son! CHECKMATE!
GAAAH! How could I lose to my little brother?!
GAAAH! How could I lose to my little brother?!

Mia came by, as always, and wanted to meet her new cousin as well as her third cousins. Owen and Brady were all too excited to meet her as well.

12-31-14_11-18 PM

“You guys,” Cadence said, “not all at once. She’s related to us.”

Although her life  had gotten a little more hectic with her new responsibilities, she never missed a beat taking care of her daughter, her husband, and spending time with her niece.

This is your new cousin, Brianna!
This is your new cousin, Brianna!
I love you, Aunt Cadence.
I love you, Aunt Cadence.

But, finally, Brianna’s birthday came around, and Cadence and Cameron couldn’t wait to talk to her and see what she looked like. She got the art lover trait and wishes to be a whiz kid.

01-01-15_12-04 AM

“Happy birthday, sweetness,” Cadence gushed and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

01-01-15_12-22 AM

“BLAAAH,” Brianna yelled in reaction to a very wet kiss.

01-01-15_12-27 AM

“Wow…she looks just like you with my eyes. I was hoping she would look just like you,” Cameron said proudly.

“So…can I get you anything, pretty girl? Well, you shouldn’t be hungry because I just fed you. Umm…well, what do you want to do for your birthday,” Cadence asked nervously.

She was so used to her being a baby and didn’t quite know what to do with her now that she was a child. It was different with her nieces. They came by, they hung out, and then they left. But, Brianna was here to stay.

“You look like you have bird poop on your nose mommy!”

“Brianna! That’s not nice!”

01-01-15_12-28 AM

Giancarlo appeared suddenly. He always showed up at just the right moments.

01-01-15_12-29 AM

“Hi, daddy. This is your new granddaughter, Brianna, and she needs to learn some manners.”

“Hello there, little girl!”

“[giggling] You look like you swallowed all the pool water! And you don’t have any feet!”

“What? That’s not…You can’t…go to your…oh forget it,” Giancarlo said and left.

01-01-15_12-30 AM

“Ummm…let’s talk, Bri,” Cameron said. “You don’t have to say everything that comes into your head. Those weren’t very nice things to say to your mom and grandpa.”

01-01-15_12-41 AM

“But it did look like bird poop! And he didn’t  have feet!”

“I know, but you shouldn’t comment on people’s appearance unless you’re telling them they look nice…or something good,” he explained as best as he could being a guy talking to a girl. “What if I told you that your nose looked like bird poop? Would you like it?”


“Right. So, if you wouldn’t like it, then it’s best to keep it in your head.”

“Ok, daddy.”

01-01-15_12-40 AM

“You are the cutest kid! It’s time for bed now.”

The next night at dinner, Cadence made an announcement while everyone was in the same room–Cameron was at work.

01-01-15_1-38 AM

“We’ve decided that we’re going to buy a house.”

“What? But there is plenty room here,” Lance said slightly disappointed.

“I know, but we want to have more kids, and what if you guys want more?”

“Oh we don’t want anymore…right, Myra?”

“No no no no no…we’re done!”

“Ok, but still. Our family can’t grow while we live here. Besides, I want to be closer to my sister and my nieces. We found the perfect house right across the street! We’re already approved, and my parents left me some money. All we have to do is move in.”

“That’s great! I’m sorry. I’m just being selfish. I mean, no one takes care of the garden like you do. It practically glows,” Lance said.

“Thanks. The new house has a few garden pots, so I get to continue making my way towards freelance botany. I’m gonna miss you guys though. We all will. Right, Brianna?”

“Yes,” she said unconvinced.

“Don’t be a stranger, Cadence. I’m still gonna need my girl talk,” Myra said.

Check out the new Clemons’ pad in the next chapter!

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