7.17 Pruett Family Reunion

Myra indeed had many tricks up her sleeve. A new venue had just opened in Willow Creek called The Fountain, and so Myra girded up all of her excellent charisma skills and scheduled  a meeting with the proprietor to strike up a deal–and it worked. She was going to save her “celebrity” card for backup, but she didn’t need it. Her reputation proceeded her, and the world was her oyster. The proprietor was more than glad to allow them to rent the entire venue (not just the party room) for the entire day. And, to sweeten the deal, he would close the venue for the day so the event would be private. Myra was amazed at how easy that was and at the proprietor’s generosity.

Lance was still in the dark though, and she hadn’t told him what was going on. She wanted it to be a surprise. He was excited that she was excited, but wished he knew what they were excited about. Finally, a few days after picture day, she put him out of his misery. She woke up everyone in the house very early on Sunday morning and told them to put on their party clothes. The triplets were a little reluctant, but they eventually got with the program.

“Baby, please…what is up,” Lance begged.

“Oh all right. I wanted to wait until we got there, but now is as good a time as ever. Today, we are having the first and hopefully annual Pruett family reunion!!”

She could hardly contain herself, and he was impressed.

“Seriously? You got all 30 Pruetts together again?  In the same week? You ARE amazing!”

“I know, right! Well…actually, there are 29 now. Taylor passed away last night. I hope Brett and his family will still come. The only reason they even came to picture day was because she made them. Anyway…finish putting your tie on! We’ve gotta go!”

The event was supposed to begin at 9:00, and they arrived around 8:30. To Myra’s surprise, the proprietor was there waiting for her, and he didn’t look happy.

“Good morning, Mrs. Pruett. I have some bad news.”

“Oh no. What is it?”

“Well, it appears the laws in Willow Creek are a bit different from the laws in Bridgeport. When I told my staff about this event, they were excited, but the mixologist brought up something none of were aware of. We cannot tend the bar for children’s events.”

“But…this isn’t a children’s event,” Myra said sternly.

“I know, ma’am. But, you said there are going to be about 15 minors here today? Any event that has more than six minors is considered to be a children’s event, and so you have no bartender or caterer today. I’m very sorry about this, and I know it’s last minute and inconvenient, so I’d like to waive all the fees and let you have your event here free of charge.”

Myra started to get angry, but Lance jumped in and saved the proprietor.

“Thank you, sir,” Lance said. “That’s very kind of you. We’re a very large family, and I’m sure someone can tend the bar. I will make the food.”

“Lance, but–”

will make the food, honey,” he interrupted. “It’s perfectly fine. It’s getting late, and we don’t have time for this. You need to go inside and make sure everything else is in order.”

It was rare that Lance had to use his “take charge” voice with Myra, but when he did, she couldn’t argue with him. She thought it was sexy. She took the children up to the party room and told them to stay put while she surveyed the rest of the venue. Just as she was coming down the stairs from the top floor, the flood gates opened, and all the Pruetts came rushing in–on time!

01-10-15_3-04 PM


Myra stood atop the stairs welcoming everyone and ushering them into the party room.

01-10-15_3-06 PM

She took notice of Natalia and made a point to check on her throughout the day. Her heart ached for her. Seventeen years old and lost her mother. Myra didn’t know exactly what that felt like, but she definitely knew what it was like to go into adulthood motherless.

01-10-15_3-22 PM

There were Pruetts everywhere. Every place you looked and everywhere you went there were Pruetts. Pruetts on the dance floor, Pruetts at the bar. Pruetts in kitchen, Pruetts near and far. Myra was proud and couldn’t believe that everyone came and it all worked out.

“Excuse me, everyone,” Myra yelled. “I know us Pruetts love to party and dance, but I just want to say a few words. On behalf of my husband, who is currently in the kitchen preparing some eats, I just want to say that we are so elated that all of you could be here today. And before I go on, I just want us all to take a moment of silence to remember Taylor Pruett, Brett and Natalia’s sweet mother. She passed away last night. Can we do that right now?”

It was obvious that most of them hadn’t heard yet–those who actually knew her. They all closed their eyes and hung their heads in solidarity with Brett and Natalia.

“Thank you all for that,” she continued. “Ok! The agenda today is very simple…have fun! We actually have this whole place to ourselves, so feel free to roam about the building and make yourselves comfortable. Give Lance about an hour to have our first course made, but if anyone out there has any juicing skills, there isn’t a bartender today, so I could use a volunteer. That’s it! Have fun, and I’ll come back in a couple hours with more instructions.”

Everyone slowly went back to dancing and socializing. Charlie, Brett’s wife, fought through the crowd and made her way to Myra.

“Myra…I want to apologize for how Brett and I treated you last week. We were just plum rude and ignorant. Can you forgive us?”

“Of course, honey! I understood how you felt. If the truth be told…a lot of what you said was true. Lance and I do need to get out and socialize with the family more. You don’t need to apologize.”

“I’m glad you understand, and I look forward to us getting to know each other.”

“Me too.”

“Hey…I’m no mixologist, but I would love to help out if you’d like.”

“Oh would you? That’s fantastic! The bar is right across there. Just go out this door and in on the other side.”

01-10-15_3-43 PM-2

Meanwhile, Lance was dancing around the kitchen trying to get something out quickly. Brianna decided he needed some company.

01-10-15_3-13 PM

“…and then I ate allll the cookies!”

“You ate them all? I bet you were one sick little girl.”

“My tummy ached real bad.”

“Hey there, short stuff,” Melody said as she walked through the door.

“Hi, Aunt Melly!”

“What are you up to?”

“Oh nothing. Just talking to Lance.”

Lance looked up briefly and winked at Melody.

“Ohhh, I see,” she said. “Why don’t you go downstairs and meet your cousins? I’m sure Lance has a lot of work to do.”

“Ok,” she said reluctantly and left the room.

“Thank you,” Lance said.

“I know she’s a little Chatty Cathy sometimes.”

“I’m so glad she has sisters to talk to know. I don’t know how Cadence did it!”

“Oh, well…you know good Saint Cadence. She can deal with anything.”

Downstairs, at the bar, Mack was having a bit of trouble making himself clear seeing as how he only spoke in song lyrics.

01-10-15_3-29 PM

“Buy you a drank,” he said.


“Get your man a bottle of red juice.”

Brett wants juice?”

“Just come on and come on and raise your glass!”

“Look, dude, I’m the bartender! I shouldn’t be juicing. Now are you gonna stop playing and tell me what you want or what?”

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I juice to that.”

“Ok, dude, I get it. You’re glad to be here, now what can I make you??”

“Erbody in the club get juicy.”

“You know what? I think you’re already juicy. No juice for you!”

01-10-15_3-44 PM

“Come on now. Who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are? Ha ha ha! Bless your soul! You really think you’re in control? Well, I think you’re crazy,” he said.

“Plumming weirdos always hang out at the bar!”

Lance finally came to the surface  with a few small plates and then found his way on the dance floor.

01-10-15_3-36 PM-2

“Lance! You finally made it down,” Myra said.

“Myra…you are simply the best!”

01-10-15_3-39 PM

“You are the perfect Sim for me. I am going to go down in Pruett history because of you. How can I ever say thank you for all that you’ve given me?”

01-10-15_3-40 PM

“We can discuss that when we get home,” she whispered.

“Oooooh, an after party? Great idea!”

Love was definitely in the air. How could it not be? Wherever there is family, there should always be love.

01-10-15_3-41 PM

The Pruetts talked and danced and got acquainted all afternoon. It was a very successful event. Lance hadn’t discussed this with Myra, but he felt it would be so fitting to do a private show for his family.

“Everyone,” Lance yelled. “Can I have your attention! I don’t want to interrupt anyone’s fun, but how about we end the night with some comedy? I’d like to perform for you guys!”

There was not a dissenting word in the place, and everyone was excited to finally hear his routines. They all stampeded up the stairs and gathered around the mic in the lounge area and enjoyed an awesome show. Lance was the best he had ever been.

01-10-15_3-57 PM

Who has two thumbs and is proud of his big brother? THIS guy!
Who has two thumbs and is proud of his big brother? THIS guy!

Myra spotted Natalia sitting across the way and decided to go talk to her.

01-10-15_4-17 PM

“Hi, Natalia. Can I get you anything?”

“Oh no. I’m fine, thanks.”

“Ok. Have you enjoyed yourself?”

“Yeah. This was nice.”

She was fine until she thought about how much her mother wanted to come to this. Her eyes began to water.

“Oh no,” Myra said regrettably. “Did I say something?”

“No. I was just thinking about mom. She wanted to come. The Grim Reaper couldn’t wait just one more day?”

“Yeah. Life turns out really plummy sometimes.”

01-10-15_4-18 PM

“Sure does. I’m telling you, Myra. As soon as I turn 18, I’m outta here!”


“My mom is gone! Why stay?”

“What about your brother?”

“They don’t care about me. They only care about themselves and Allie–that spoiled little princess!”

“You obviously have your mind made up, so I can’t convince you to stay. Where will you go?”

“Anywhere but here!”

To be continued….

Until next time, enjoy these other pictures from the reunion!

Cameron & Cadence's little angels:  Kacey, Carla, and Brianna.
Cameron & Cadence’s little angels: Kacey, Carla, and Brianna.
Melody, looking fierce as always.
Melody, looking fierce as always.
The Clemons stealing a few moments alone. Probably more hiding from Brianna.
The Clemons stealing a few moments alone. Probably more hiding from Brianna.
Quinton chatting up Allie and Brianna.
Quinton chatting up Allie and Brianna.
The Sheffields came ready to party. At least Darren and Mariah did.
The Sheffields came ready to party. At least Darren and Mariah did.
Brett needed a little pep talk before he came in. Glad Theresa was there to do it.
Brett needed a little pep talk before he came in. Glad Theresa was there to do it.
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