7.19 Moving On

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“Girls? I’m home,” she called as she walked through the door, but no one responded.

She was a few minutes late. Although her daughters were teenagers and could take of themselves quite well, she still felt the need to get home quickly so they wouldn’t be alone for long. Or, perhaps she was just having trouble getting adjusted to them growing up.

“Ugh! They always leave their dishes lying around! Who do they think I am? A maid,” she said to herself as she reluctantly washed the soiled dishes.

“Who are you talking to,” Cadence asked as she appeared from Melody’s bedroom.

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“GEEZ! What are you trying to do?? Put me in an early grave?”

“Sorry. I heard you talking so I came out.”

“Are the girls here?”

“Yeah. They’re taking naps.”

“Oh. All right. Well…while you’re here…step into my room for a sec.”

Cadence followed her to the master bedroom and sat on the bed. She couldn’t help but remember this very scene the first time she was in it and got a little anxious about whatever this conversation was.

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“I have some news,” Melody whispered.

“Why are you whispering now?”

“I haven’t told the girls yet! I don’t want them to hear me in case they wake up.”

“Ok. So, what’s up?”

“I met someone!”

“Oh my goodness, really,” Cadence yelled.

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“SHHH!! You have to keep quiet,” Melody reminded her.

“Oh, sorry. So, who’s this guy??”

“His name is River, but it’s nothing right now.”

“Nothing?? So why the secrecy?”

“Well, that’s the thing. It’s nothing right now, but what will it be later? It could be something, right?”

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“I suppose I’m just scared. I don’t want to mess up another relationship.”

“Ok, I get that. But, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself already. You don’t even know what his last name is!”

“You’re right. Oh my goodness. See! This is what I didn’t want! I didn’t want to get all crazy again!”

“It’s ok. Just relax and take it one day at a time. Where did you meet him?”

“Blue Velvet.”

“How did you feel about him?”

“I felt weird. I mean, he seemed like a very nice guy, but there was something else. It was like he knew me! He could tell what I had been through just by looking at me…and he was right! Then I realized that this guy could really know me. Like, really really know me like I thought Paxton did. I was a little freaked out at first, but ultimately, I liked how it felt to be known.”

“Wow. Well, there’s definitely a lot of potential there. Then what?”

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“I asked him to dance, we had a little small talk, and then I had to go.”

“What did you talk about?”

“He said that he was looking to buy a house in town, and I told him about our girls’ weekend out. Not much.”

“Well…I think this sounds very promising.”

“Yeah, but I need to focus on being friends first. I don’t have a good history with high romance and low friendship. The girls were right. I need some friends.”

I need some food. What do you have in the fridge?”

“Mac ‘n cheese.”

They got up to go to the kitchen, and by that time, the girls were awake from their naps and working on their skills.

“Mel, I know you want to take things slow, and you’re being cautious, and that’s great, but, for what it’s worth, I want you to know that I think you have a great capacity for love. I believe you’ll find the right Sim whether it’s River or someone else, and you’ll fall in love, get married, and be the most awesome wife ever.”

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“You really believe that, sis?”



They heard Marli practicing her guitar and ate dinner in her room to give her an audience. Cadence had another question for Melody, but now that they were in mixed company, she had to mask what she was saying.

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“Mel…so, ummm, when are you going to tell the beauties about the beast?”

“When the time is right. No rushing.”

“I’m proud of you. I gotta go. Those girls are probably driving Cameron batty. Especially Brianna.”

“I’ll say a prayer for you.”

“Say two. Goodnight, girls!”

“Goodnight, Aunt Cadence,” they said.

Later that evening, Mia and Marli also had dinner in Marli’s room.

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“Mom and Aunt Cadence must think we’re like nine. Tuh! Beauties and the beast…we know what that means,” Marli bragged.

“Seriously. We’re not little kids.”

“So…when do you think we’ll meet him?”

Melody’s job was fast paced and required a lot of energy. She had never been concerned about exercise before, but with all the energy she had throughout the day, she found herself desiring to jog and do push ups often. Eventually, she decided to buy a punching bag. It was a great way to get in her cardio and tone her muscles as well as relieve stress. As much as she could, she ended her nights with a little boxing.

What's up, Paxton. Oh, you wanna talk now? You wanna talk?
What’s up, Paxton. Oh, you wanna talk now? You wanna talk? Ok, I’ll let you talk.
What's that you say? You're sorry? Yeah, you're  right. You are SORRY!
What’s that you say? You’re sorry? Yeah, you’re right. You are SORRY!
THIS is for making me love you!
THIS is for making me love you!
01-11-15_5-34 PM-4
And THIS is for getting me pregnant and making me think it was my fault!
01-11-15_5-35 PM
Oh, and you wanna LEAVE? You wanna leave me, bruh?? The only way you’re gonna leave…
...is in a body bag! AHHHH!!!!
…is in a body bag! AHHHH!!!!
You're a plumming jerk, and I hope your life is completely plummed up. But you're done plumming up mine! I'm over it! I'm moving on!
You’re a plumming jerk, and I hope your life is completely plummed up. But you’re done plumming up mine! I’m over it! I’m moving on!

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Healing takes place in many different ways. She didn’t expect for exercise to be so therapeutic. At last, Melody was sleeping peacefully throughout the nights. She was no longer concerned about sleeping alone, or how long she would sleep alone. As long as she slept free and clear of the dark clouds that hung over her.

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