7.31 Birthdays All Around

Here are the Pruett triplets on their last night as children. Aren’t they darling?

01-18-15_7-53 PM-2

They spent all weekend working on their skills and trying to complete their childhood aspirations.

01-18-15_5-52 PM

Alayna completed hers and gained the creatively gifted trait. Owen was extremely close. If he could have had just a few hours, he could have done it. Brady was close as well.

Lance wanted to spend more time with them before they began their teen lives, but he knew that completing their aspirations was important to them, so he stayed out of their way. They did manage to eat dinner together on the eve of his birthday though. This would be the last time he would have with his children as a “young” Sim.

01-18-15_6-05 PM

The next night, he became an elder!

01-18-15_7-29 PM

The night after that was the triplets’ teen birthday. They invited the usual suspects, although Cadence probably should have been at home celebrating her own child’s birthday. Does she really drive her that crazy? Melody and River did not show up, but…they are still newly weds after all.

The triplets thought really hard about what they wanted to wish for before they blew out the candles.

01-18-15_11-57 PM

01-19-15_12-01 AM

01-19-15_12-04 AM

Then they spun into teenage angst.

01-19-15_12-00 AM

01-19-15_12-03 AM

01-19-15_12-06 AM

01-19-15_12-29 AM

01-19-15_12-27 AM

01-19-15_12-35 AM

It’s amazing. All three of them have one of their parents’ faces minus one feature. Owen is Lance minus Myra’s lips. Alayna is Myra minus Lance’s nose, and Brady is Lance minus…well, not quite sure who’s nose that is, but it’s definitely not Lance’s.

The next night was Mia and Marli’s YA birthday, and Melody threw them a party. It was a really great opportunity for the all the gen 7 cousins to get together seeing as how they barely know each other.

Pruett Family Birthdays
As you can see, Brianna had her teen birthday last night too, so Cadence definitely missed it!
Pruett Family Birthdays
Mia can’t believe that Brady is entertaining Carla’s wild tale. He’s a sucker for the kids these days.

Everyone else was having a good time and thought the new house was beautiful. Although this was a birthday party, it turned out to be a house warming as well.

Pruett Family Birthdays

Pruett Family Birthdays

But it started getting late, and it was a school night for half the attenders, so Melody gathered her twins to bring the night to a close. Mia, of course, was the first to blow out the candles. As Mia thought about her wish, Melody was getting a little emotional. Things hadn’t always been easy being a single mother, and of course we know their last year of school was a bit rough, but she was still so proud of them. They were very nice, respectable young ladies, and she was extra glad she didn’t have to deal with any boy troubles. River was right when he said that she babied them, but she didn’t realize it until this moment. Her daughters were about to be completely self-sufficient and wouldn’t need her anymore. She was so glad to be married and have someone else to care for and love after her children leave the nest–if they leave the nest. But, not only was Melody sad about seeing her babies grow up, but also this birthday meant that she was getting old too. Having two young adults in the house meant gray hair and aching joints was just around the corner for her. Five days exactly.

Pruett Family Birthdays

Pruett Family Birthdays

Mia felt quite sassy in her first moment as an adult. She gained the gloomy trait. It is yet to be determined how a loner who is gloomy acts.

Marli was up next. River finally joined the festivities and began to sing.

“Really? That’s how you sing at my party,” Marli teased.

“Watch it there, kiddo. You may be may daughter, but he is my husband,” Melody joked.

Pruett Family Birthdays

“Yeah, yeah…whatever. Here I go!”

Pruett Family Birthdays

Marli came into adulthood excited and ready to take on the world. She gained the outgoing trait. Melody stood back and observed her birthday girls. Mia didn’t seem to change much, but Marli seemed to get more of Paxton’s full cheeks.

“Wow,” Melody said to herself. “She is more like her father than she’ll ever know!”

It wasn’t the time, but one day she’ll share with her that she gets her perfectionism and outgoing personality from him.

Everyone sat down to enjoy the cake Melody prepared. River sat across from Marli and he admired her. He thought she was beautiful, and although he had only been her life for fewer than two months, he was proud of her too. He may not have had the opportunity to have his own children, but he was certainly glad to have gained two beautiful young ladies to look after and guide if they needed him.

01-23-15_10-44 PM

Marli admired River too. She was so happy for her mother and was glad she found someone that made her happy. She also couldn’t believe that their secret still hadn’t been discovered (although Melody had suspected it all along). But Marli also admired River as a strong male and father figure. If she ever decided to get married, she wanted her husband to be just like River:  kind, strong, romantic, successful, caring, and introspective.

“You know what I’m gonna call you,” Marli asked.

“What are you going to call me?”




“Isn’t that like a grandpa name, or at least an older cool cat’s name?”

“You are an older cool cat!”

“You think? Ok then!”

“I’m glad you’re in our lives.”

“So am I.”

There were TONS of birthdays this weekend! Check out the family tree to see who else aged up. I have to share these two though because I think they are still just as cute as they were when they were young.

Melody Pitts
Just as sassy as ever!
Cadence & Melody
Always sisters, always friends!



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