7.38 Die Another Day

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“Good morning, angel of mine,” River flirted. “You look…I dunno…extra sparkly! Are you wearing new makeup or something?”

“No…but, I did something…”

“Oookaaaay,” he said with hesitation from her cryptic response.

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“I know you know I’m a lot older than you. But, because our marriage is still pretty new and we bought this house and everything, we haven’t slowed down enough to talk…about the future…”

“You’re scaring me, Bae,” he said with even more hesitation.

“I know! I’m scared too! I was scared when I woke up today! I was gonna…tonight, I’m…I…I…”

She couldn’t say it, but River knew. He hung his head low as tears filled his eyes. He never thought about it. Ever.

“Oh, Riv! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you. That’s why I did it. I took care of it,” she said with her eyes fixed on the empty glass sitting between them.

He saw it. He was comforted by it, but still unsettled. Death was something neither of them discussed, but the reality of it was staring them in both their wrinkled faces. He took her hands and squeezed them and nodded his head as he was still trying to choke back tears.

“There’s one problem though,” she said as he tensed up. “I’m a few days younger than you now. At least, if it would have happened tonight, I could have escaped the pain of losing you. But, now…I’ll have to live without you for a little while! Is that selfish?”

He relaxed again.

“No more selfish than me being glad I can go first now.”

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They shared a brief moment of laughter shrouded in sadness. It’s not like the Potion of Youth bought her a lifetime, but it did give them a little bit more time together. They both learned a valuable lesson, though. There’s more to life than being in each other’s arms, flirting, and spectacular woo hoo–even for two romantics. Sure, they talked often and had quality time in other non-romantic ways, but there’s no mistaking how they liked best to enjoy their time. They knew they needed to make the best of their bonus time. Melody definitely recognized that some of that time needed to be spent with her daughters preparing them for their futures. She wanted to make sure they–

“OMG! CADENCE! WHAT ABOUT CADENCE,” she yelled suddenly.

If Melody’s last day was supposed to be today, Cadence was due to die too. She could handle many things, but watching her twin die was not one of them. She scrambled to find her phone and sent Cadence this text:


Cadence was out at the time when she got it. Melody was very relieved to get this response:

alrdy did! 🙂 no way im lvng Bri w/twins :p

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What a relief!


Everyone has Carewren123 to thank for giving Melody and Cadence another week with us 😉

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