7.39 Unexpected Encounters

One night, Alayna couldn’t sleep. She never had trouble sleeping before, but for whatever reason, this night, the sandsim abandoned her. So, she got up and went to the game room to waste a little time on the computer. But, when she got there, she saw she wasn’t alone.


“Hello, my darling. Congratulations!”

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“You found mom! Oh good!”

“Yeah, and she told me all about it. He sounds like the kind of Sim I would want you to have.”

“Thank you, Daddy. That means a lot. He is incredible! It happened so quickly, but it was so perfect. I was in agony all those years being around him in school and then hanging with him after school with neither of us saying anything. I never imagined I could feel so much for one person.”

“Just wait ’til you have kids!”

Later on that week, Alayna decided to get out of the house. Her husband and brothers were all at work, and she was already halfway through her aspiration milestones and deserved a break. Though, she couldn’t stay away from painting for long and ended up at the museum; But at least she was looking at them and not making them. When she left the museum, she went for a walk and ran into Cadence.

“Cousin Cadence?! I thought you were supposed to…I mean, hi!”

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“It’s ok,” she laughed. “I know I’m the last Sim you expected to see today. Melody is around too.”

“That stuff works, I see. I always thought it was just a gimmick.”

“How are you, dear? And your brothers?”

01-31-15_10-08 PM

“I’m married now. Owen and my husband, Roland, work at the same place. Brady has a job too. I’m just focusing on painting.”

“Congratulations! Oh how wonderful. You know, my grandmother, your great grandmother, was a painter. I never knew her, but I’ve seen her name on some of the paintings in the art studio at home.”

“Oh that’s so cool to know! I wish I knew more about our family.”

“Yeah. We’re a bit all over the place. I’m sure there are photo albums and records around the house. Heck, it’s the 21st century. You can probably read all about us online now!”

“That’s true. I’ll have to try that.”

“Well, it was great to see you, Alayna. I don’t want to keep you. Tell your brothers I said hello?”

“I will. Bye, Cadence.”

01-31-15_10-10 PM

What is this, National Unexpected Encounters week, she thought.

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