8.2 The Dying Wish

Ok, folks…before we get started with this chapter, I just have a few things to say. Yes, what I’m about to say should technically go into my Director’s Commentary, but this chapter makes me so happy, I wanted to make sure everyone who reads knows exactly what I’m doing. You Simmers out there know that I love following my Sims’ whims–especially when they want to do something I don’t expect. This was definitely one of those times. Firstly, this chapter will have a lot more pictures than it really needs, and some of the pictures will look repetitive. However, the ones that look similar, pay attention to what’s happening in the background because that is what really makes the chapter. It may be worth clicking on them to enlarge them even more. Secondly, I will do my best to stick to the narrative, but I know there will be a few spots where I will interject. I like being an invisible narrator, and I don’t like inserting myself, but gee whiz…I just can’t help it today! Lastly, ehhhh…I don’t have anything else! Just enjoy!

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“Mommy…we have something to tell you,” Marli said grinning ear to ear.

She and Lee sat down on the couch beside Melody brimming with joy and excitement. It was impossible for them to stop smiling. Marli didn’t share the news right away, and Melody just sat looking at the two of them smile at each other.

“Good gracious,” Melody exclaimed. “What in the world is it? You’re both cheesing!”

“We’re engaged!”

Melody was happy for them, truly, but this news saddened her.

Marli saw her face melt and said, “Mommy? Aren’t you happy?”

“Of course I am, baby,” she said as happily as she could.

But Marli saw that she was faking it.

“Then why do you look so sad,” she asked.

“I…it’s just that…well…I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make the wedding,” she blurted out quietly, but they heard her clearly.

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She sucked all of the air out of the room. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but now it was just plain rotten.

“…It’s that time again,” she continued.

“Mommy! It can’t be! This isn’t fair!”

“It’s true, baby. I’m sorry. I’m just glad that you found someone who loves you and will take care of you.”

“Stop it, Mommy! Just stop it! Stop saying goodbye!”

Marli was on the verge of explosion. All of her emotions were running high, and there was no place for them to go except out. Lee looked on compassionately at his future wife and wished there was something he could do. He wished he could turn back the hands of time so they could meet a little earlier and all of this could be avoided. He wished that–

“HEY,” he shouted. “I have an idea!”

All eyes were on him. Marli and Melody both knew that whatever it was couldn’t possibly solve their problem, but they were hopeful at the same time.

“What if we just get married right now?”

“It’s almost 2:30 in the morning, Lee. I’m tired, and it’s way past my bedtime,” Marli said flatly.

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“I know, but it’s the only way to have your mom there. We don’t know when she’s leaving us.”

She thought about it, and he was absolutely right. Tomorrow was the day, but would it be in the morning? At night? No one knows the day nor the hour.

“You would do that for me,” Marli asked. “What about your roommates and all of your friends?”

“I don’t need a huge wedding party, love. Besides, I know how important this is to you. So, what do you say?”

“I love you so much right now, Lee!”

“You better! Ok, so I’ll leave you two to get everyone here together, and I’ll run home and get dressed. The only place we’ll be able to get into at this hour is the courtyard at the museum in Willow Creek. We can do a quick impromptu ceremony there.”

“We really don’t have to go through all of that trouble, Lee. We can just do it right here at home!”

“Look, this situation is already not ideal. I want you to have the best possible wedding. And, I want to see you in a beautiful dress standing under an arch in front of me, and I think you do too.”

She knew he was right again. Most young Sims dream about big fancy weddings with arches and cake and entertainers and the whole nine. Lee was a cheerful Sim and always wanted things to work out positively. He definitely saved the night on this one. He left and went home while the news spread throughout the Pitts residence about this world-wind romance. Within an hour, they were all standing outside Municipal Muses Museum. Marli thanked the Watcher for giving her such a good partner and also for giving her mother a chance to see her get married.

02-08-15_6-26 PM-2

Melody was the happiest of all. She successfully stayed out of her daughters’ love lives and didn’t pressure them to get married, but she so desperately wanted to see them stand under an arch. River was quite happy too and felt like a proud papa.

Look at that face!!
Look at that face!! I don’t think we’ve seen Melody this happy since she and River got married!

The family let Lee and Marli go to the arch first to spend just a few minutes alone before the show got on the road.

“You are the absolute best, Lee. I can’t believe you have us all out here in the middle of the night doing this all dressed up.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want you to have everything you want and more.”

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The family took a seat and the ceremony began.

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Throughout the entire ceremony, River couldn’t keep his eyes off Melody. Seeing his step-daughter and her betrothed so in love and beginning their lives together made him remember the beginnings of his life with Melody. He thought she was just as beautiful that night as she was the first time he saw her. Melody was a very proud mama. Watching the ceremony made her recall Marli’s entire life. She remembered how much of a surprise Marli was when she discovered she was having twins after she gave birth to Mia but was still in labor. She remembered how Marli used to look at her like she was the best person in the world when she was a baby. Marli had always been a mama’s girl. It’s not like she had a choice between being a daddy’s girl or mama’s girl, but there was definitely a more special relationship between Marli and Melody. Of all the things I did wrong, here is one thing I got right, she thought.

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Lee took Marli by the hand and recited his vows as River was still gazing upon Melody, and Melody was still recalling Marli’s life.

02-08-15_6-30 PM-2

River snapped out of it just in time to witness the kiss. He was so excited about Lee joining the family and Marli finally having someone to share life with. Yes, he cheered to himself. This was the first time Melody had ever seen them kiss. Being a romantic, she was glad that her daughter would be exploring different sides to life now, but she was slightly uncomfortable watching them.

“Ok…that’s enough, you two,” Melody teased.

“Oh, leave them alone, Mommy. It’s sweet,” Mia said in their defense.

02-08-15_6-31 PM

But Melody was just joking. At first it was weird to watch, but by the end she found herself cheering them on.

“Ohhhh, yes! She won’t have any trouble keeping him happy. That’s my baby!”

02-08-15_6-31 PM-2

When the ceremony was over, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor just stood under the arch basking in each other’s embrace. River turned his attention back to Melody who was pleasantly satisfied that she got her dying wish. Mia looked on and wondered if she and Robert would ever get to this point. They were definitely in love, but she wasn’t sure if marriage was for her. It took her long enough to decide that she wanted him to be her boyfriend.

02-08-15_6-31 PM-3

“Hey, you,” Melody said. “I saw you over there looking at me the entire ceremony. Were you crying, or were your allergies acting up?”

“Hey, I’m bro enough to admit that I was crying! It was beautiful.”

“It sure was.”

02-08-15_6-34 PM

“It reminded me of a certain ceremony that took place between me and a certain somebody.”

“Yeah? Who’s that?”

02-08-15_6-35 PM

“The new Mrs. Taylor’s mother.”

“Ohhh yes. I’m quite familiar with her. She’s really pretty, isn’t she?”

“The most beautiful Sim in the world!”

02-08-15_6-35 PM-2

Lee and Marli went straight home. They were both terribly exhausted, but not too exhausted to consummate their marriage. The next morning–well, a few hours later–Marli had something important to share with Lee.

“Good morning, my husband. Guess what!”

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Poor Brady
8.3 Waiting on the World to Change

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  • This chapter was so sweet. I love that Melody was able to attend one of her daughters weddings and the ending to the chapter was amazing. Marli is having a little one of her own I can’t wait to see the little one. 🙂

      • If I was in your shoes I would have done the same thing. This chapter is just perfect. I love when I play and my sims whims change the story or something happens that I didn’t expect.

        • That is the best part of the game…especially when the whims make me mad lol. Those are the best plot twisters! But THESE didn’t make me mad at all 🙂 I didn’t show the progression of their relationship to give the illusion that they had been dating for a while. They had been “talking” for a few days, and then they spent the entire day together and that’s when things really started to happen! She got the “ask someone to go steady whim,” and I was like yes! So they made their relationship official. Then like within the hour (Sim hour!) she got the “get engaged to Lee Taylor” whim and I was like YES!!! They got married so late because I wanted to see if she would get the “get married to…” whim, but it didn’t come–I like racking up those points lol. I thought about waiting until the next day because she was reeeeeally tired, but I was afraid Melody would die first. So, they got married, came home, and guess what whim she got next?! Try for a baby!!! I was done LOL. Thank you Marli for making this so easy for me 😀

  • This was great. I kept wondering what/who Mia was looking at because she hardly ever looked at the arch. It was really nice, though. And River and Melody are still adorable together! So much love being written about!

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