8.5 Mother-In-Law

Roland’s family finally made it over to the estate for the first time since…well, first time ever. After the wedding, they wanted to give him and Alayna some space and time to settle into married life. Then Myra died, and they wanted to give them space and time to grieve. Then, when Alayna was expecting, they called a few times, but Roland was too busy taking care of Alayna to invite them over. Now that Devan had his birthday, Roland thought this was the perfect time to see his family. He called them, and they rushed right over. Kelly Ann lead the way as she could not wait to see her son and meet her grandson. When he answered the door, she attacked him with a long over due hug.

“My baby boy!! Why has it taken so long for you to call your dear mama??”

“I’ve missed you too, Ma.”

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“Let me look at you!

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“You haven’t lost any weight, so I guess she’s been feeding you.”

“Don’t start, Ma. Alayna is an excellent cook!”

“Oh, is she now? Not better than your mama, of course.”

“Where is Robert?”

“Oh! Trying to change the subject, are you? I see how it is. We’ll see about that. Where is my handsome little grandson?”

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“He’s having dinner, but I told him you guys were coming.”

“I bet he looks just like you. Oh, I just can’t wait to see him finally!”

“He does. Everything is mine except his nose and his eye color.”

“He’s gonna have that big ol Egyptian nose? Poor thing.”

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Devan met Ronnell.

“Hey, little man. Whatcha got there?”

“Are you my granddaddy?”

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“If that’s what you want to call me.”

Back in the living room, Roland was not happy with his mother’s comment.

“MA!! Are you for real right now? I am not going to allow you to badmouth my wife in her own house!”

“I’m not badmouthing her!”

“You practically said that you don’t like the way she looks!”

“I think she’s very beautiful! I know she has a different background than we do, and that’s fine. I just meant that I was hoping he could look more like us. That’s all. I wasn’t trying to be insulting.”

“I don’t know, ma. I think that’s still pretty insulting. I hope she never finds out you said that.”

“Said what,” Devan asked.

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“Whoa! How long have you been sitting there,” Roland asked.

“Not very long.”

“Ok. Come say hi to your grandma.”

Come to granny!
Come to granny!

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Roland was glad that his mother was proud of him and his little family. He hoped that Kelly Ann and Devan would have a very healthy relationship. But he was concerned about her behavior. She was definitely in rare form that night. She never seemed to have a problem with Alayna before, and she was extremely happy when they got married. Back in their high school years, she even encouraged him to ask her out. But the way she was acting now, it was almost as if she felt threatened by her now. Like, as if Alayna was taking her place or something. Kelly Ann and Ronnell got married and had the triplets at an extremely young age, so maybe her experiences were different. Whatever the case was, Roland hoped that his mother and Alayna would continue to get along nicely and the things he had heard about wife-mother-in-law relationships would not be true in this house.

“Aren’t you just the handsomest little boy! Have you been good?”

“Yes, granny.”

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“Ahh! And he has such good manners!

02-13-15_8-06 PM

“You are just like your daddy, aren’t you?”


“And your mama too, of course. She is a very sweet Sim. Did you meet your granddaddy yet?”


“Good! Your Aunt Robyn is here too, somewhere. Probably talking to your crazy uncle Brady.”


“What? He lives here! I’m sure he knows that he’s insane.”


“Oh, hush up, son. Stop being so sensitive. I’ll go find her myself.”

As soon as she turned the corner, Alayna was coming to greet her.

“Hey, Mrs. Holmes. Sorry I didn’t come out right away. I was just finishing up a painting.”

02-13-15_8-09 PM

“Oh you’re all right, child. I tell you, that boy is beautiful!”

“Thank you!”

“Sooo…when are you having another one??”

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