8.100 Little Brothers

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“You’re crazy,” Sasha yelled. “There is NO WAY Unicorn can beat Llama Man! Llama Man will win every time!”

“Not uh,” Emerson said. “All Llama Man can do is fly! Unicorn has magical powers!”

“Unicorn is a wimp! Llama Man has superhuman strength,” Sashas said matter-of-factly.

“Unicorn has a bunch of side kicks, and they all have magical powers! With all their powers combined, they can beat Llama Man and all the superheroes at the same time,” Emerson retorted.

“Llama Man has Llama Woman! He doesn’t need a band of sidekicks,” Sasha said with confidence.

“Girls are silly!”

“Boys are smelly!!”

“Girls get in the way!”

“Boys get…hey,” Sasha interrupted herself. “Llama Man is coming on right now! Let’s go watch him beat Unicorn with his bare hands.”

I will go watch Unicorn defeat Llama Man. You will stay here and finish your homework…he he he.”

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