8.114 The Best Day

One morning, at breakfast, Sasha found herself in another world.

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Viviana put a plate of French toast in front of her, but she sat there staring into blank space still on a high from her recent trip to see Taylor Swift in concert. She wanted to go with her cousins Cienna and Sydney, but she knew their parents wouldn’t let them travel on their own, so she got Callie and Anthony to agree to go before she asked for permission.

It had been a few days since they returned, and she was still on cloud nine but hadn’t shared her experience yet.

“So,” Viviana prompted, “are you gonna tell us about it, or do we have to beat it out of you?”

“Oh, mommy,” Sasha screamed. “It was AMAZING! We got there, and we met this cool family–they’re a legacy family just like us! They invited us to a party at their house before the concert. They were really nice. Then we went to the park for the concert but T-Swift was running late and she was hungry and needed food so she ate in the park and SHE SAT NEXT TO ME! I hung out with Taylor Swift, mommy! THE Taylor Swift!”

Viviana gasped. “Are you serious? She ate with you?”

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“I had to talk to her! I mean, I had to–I just had to talk to her,” Sasha rambled. “I had to know how she did it! I just had to know about the lyrics and the chords and…and…the MAGIC!”

Viviana chuckled at her daughter’s excitement and was happy that she got to have that experience. Brady was just waking up and heard all the squealing from the other side of the door and decided to join them for breakfast.

“What’s all the excitement about,” he asked.

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“Sasha got to hang out with Taylor Swift,” Viviana said. “Can you believe it?”

The Taylor Swift,” he asked.

Sasha replied, “The. Taylor. Swift.”

They ate in silence for a few minutes before Viviana decided to revisit the first part of the conversation.

“So, Sasha…you said you met a nice family and hung out with them. Did you make any friends?”

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“Of course, mommy. I’m not a loner like Anthony.”

Brady chuckled at that remark. “Poor guy. I’m surprised he even agreed to go on this trip.”

“I don’t think he had much of a choice, sugar bear.”

“This is true,” Brady said.

Viviana knew her daughter and thought there could possibly be more to the story, so she revisited the subject of “friends” again.

“Tell me about this family,” she said.

“Well, they’re a legacy family just like us. They have a rocket and everything!”

Brady’s ears perked up. “You met another legacy family?”

“Yep! They live in a different Oasis Springs. Anyway, CiCi met this girl named Lou in the park, and she invited us over for a pre-festival party. We met her brothers Landen and Dexter, and Dexter is really shy, but he likes music so we talked the entire time about music.”

Ah ha, Viviana thought. I knew there were gonna be some boys in this story!

“Ohhhh, ok. Soooo, do you like this Dexter?”

“Sure, mommy. He’s a good friend. We’re going to keep in touch.”

She didn’t catch what Viviana was implying, not that she had anything to hide.

Viviana glanced across the table at Brady and said, “I see. Well, this Dexter sounds like a really nice guy.”

Brady rolled his eyes and shook his head at her. He wanted to keep his girls around while she was busy trying to pair them up. Emerson, who had remained quiet throughout the whole conversation, decided that he wasn’t getting enough attention and decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Hey, everybody! I made up a song!”

Everyone turned their attention to him.

“Let’s hear it,” Viviana said.

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“Sasha and Dexter sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sasha with the baby carriage!” He tickled himself and was doubled over in laughter.

“Why are you so annoying? You little troll,” Sasha yelled.

“Ok, Em,” Brady said. “That’s enough.”

Sasha’s message notification went off, and both her parents looked at her as she read and replied to a text. When she finally looked up, she saw them looking at her.


“Was that him,” Viviana asked.

With an eyebrow raised, she said “Yes?”

Now they were both smiling at her.


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