8.115 Girl Talk

“So, Jeannette…you’ve been living here for a couple weeks now…how do you feel? Are you comfortable? Is there wedding talk going on?”

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“Oh, Callie…It’s so good to be with him all the time now! I mean, it was great to be with him before I moved in, but it sucked having to tear myself away and go home.”

“I bet. Did you think he was going to ask you?”

“Not at all. I thought you guys were pretty traditional, so I was surprised when he did.”

“I think most Pruetts have been pretty traditional–especially my Aunt Alayna–but my parents aren’t. They’re pretty go with the flow of whatever feels good. What about your mom?”

Jeannette rolled her eyes. “My mom…bless her heart. She didn’t like it at all. I understand that she’s my mom and she’s going to be protective, and I appreciate that. I really do, but I wish she’d see things from my perspective. I mean, I wake up, I go to work. From work, I come here. I go home to sleep and do it all over again every night of the week. And then, a few nights a week I don’t even go home, so…I don’t see what the problem is.”

“So, what did she say about it,” Callie asked.

“She said that she understood how I felt, blah blah blah, we’re not engaged yet so how do I know everything is gonna work out, yada yada yada, I need to be certain how he feels about me, womp womp womp, I should wait until he proposes so the relationship is a bit more permanent, yackity smackity…”

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“I get it,” Jeannette continued. “I really do. She’s still stuck on the fact that he took this long to decide he wanted me. I get that. She doesn’t want to see me get hurt in case things don’t work out. It’s a risk, and I know that. But, she doesn’t understand the situation like I understand it. He has to marry me! I’m not saying that to be cocky. It’s just the truth, right? He’s the heir of this family, and he has to marry someone, right?”


“Right. We love each other very much, we’re best friends, and we get each other. That person is going to be me. Besides, what would he do? Decide he doesn’t love me anymore and marry Rose?” They shared a hearty laugh. “I tried to explain the whole thing to her once, but she doesn’t understand. I’m not worried about things not working out. I know they will. Speaking of things working out…I hear I have you to thank for Julian’s change of heart!”

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Callie was flattered. “Yes. Yes, you do!”

“How in the world did you do it?”

“Oh…I have my ways with him,” Callie said with a confident smile.

“I see! I’m gonna put you on speed dial for the next time he needs convincing.

They shared another laugh.

“Are you excited about getting married and being a legacy spouse,” Callie asked.

“It’s all I think about!”

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“I’m making myself crazy about it,” Jeannette continued. “Every day I’m expecting him to ask me; but, at the same time, I want to be surprised! Every time we go out, I’m super excited because I’m thinking that he’s gonna do it. But, I want to enjoy our time together without being preoccupied with what will or won’t happen next, you know?”

“I think he’ll ask you soon. He’s probably just enjoying the newness of the relationship right now. I mean, you were always in love with him, but he’s just now discovering that he does. Give him just a little while longer.”

“Not too long, I hope. I’m older than him, and I have a birthday coming up soon.”

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