8.120 The Matchmaker

Happy official Pruett Anniversary! This chapter is brought to you by one of the most avid Pruett fans, CathyTea, and me! Check out her stories on CathyTea’s SimLit Anthology. Enjoy 🙂

One Saturday morning, Julian got an early start on building the logic skill. Mastering it was the last thing he needed to do to complete the nerd brain aspiration. He was so close, he could taste it. Callie joined him shortly thereafter, and they played together just like old times.

“Hey, Callie.”

“Good morning, dear brother. I thought I’d find you out here.”

08-21-15_11_11 PM

“What’s up?”

“You know I’m not one to gloat,” she said with a cheeky grin.

08-21-15_11_11 PM-2

YouGloat? Pfft! Never,” he said incredulously.

She gasped. “I do not appreciate what you are implying!”

“Whatever, Callie. So, what are you ‘not’ gloating about?”

“Well…it would appear that promptly following our conversation concerning you and Jeannette–“

“Whoa…are you about to take credit for our relationship?”

“Of course! If I had not so skillfully interfered, you would still be chasing blonde skirt and getting struck by lightning every other night!”

“Blonde skirt?? Freezer bunnies, Callie! What are you talking about? I was always going to get with Jeannette!”

“You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding! You didn’t even realize what love was until I talked some sense into you! Just say it.”

08-21-15_11_12 PM-3

“Say what?”

“Say ‘thank you, Callie, for your infinite wisdom and foresight into my life. Jeannette and I owe our lives to you!'”

He looked at her with a blank stare. “There is no way I’m saying all of that.”

Viviana was rounding the corner just then. She knew just where to find her children. “Good morning. What are you two talking about?”

“Oh, I was just reminding dear brother that he would not be with Jeannette right now if it was not for my intuitive meddling…

08-21-15_11_13 PM-2

“…and, I was simply requesting just a tiny bit of gratitude. I, Callie Pruett, am a matchmaking genius!”

08-21-15_11_13 PM

For brownie points, she added, “Oh…but, I cannot take all of the credit. I’m quite sure mother had a hand in it too some kind of way. Right, mother?”

Viviana chuckled and said, “It’s funny. Julian and I were talking about this very thing the other day.”

08-21-15_11_14 PM

“What thing,” Callie asked.

“Your fine matchmaking skills,” Viviana said.

Callie sat upright with her chest puffed up feeling proud that someone had recognized her genius.

“So, oh great one,” Viviana said. “When will the famous matchmaker meet her match?”

08-21-15_11_14 PM-2

Julian and Viviana enjoyed a hearty laugh while Callie was not amused.

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