8.13 Spoke Too Soon

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Alayna had dabbled with the piano her whole life because she gained the creatively gifted trait from finishing her childhood aspiration. It was easy for her to pick up. But, ever since she completed her lifetime aspiration (painter extraordinaire), she painted less and practiced the piano more. She loved it. She could play for hours on end, and she got better and better each time she sat down to stroke the ivory and ebony keys. She often played after dinner because she knew Roland enjoyed listening to her.

This particular night, she felt a bit uneasy while playing. She kept trying to resist the urge to throw up. After a while, she couldn’t take it and suggested they go to bed early.

“I don’t feel so good, Roland. I’m gonna go lay down. Are you coming?”

“Yeah, I’m a bit tired too. Are you all right?”

“I don’t know. I feel sick.”

“Ewww. Hopefully it’s nothing. Let’s get you upstairs.”

By the time they reached the top of the stairs, she knew exactly why she felt sick. She waited until they were in the bedroom to reveal herself, but he saw her before she got a chance to tell him.

“Hey! Look at you,” he shouted.

“So…I guess I spoke too soon yesterday.

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She sat down next to him on the bed, and they just let this news marinate in their minds silently. Roland couldn’t stop smiling.

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They eventually wanted to have another baby, but they never decided when, and they definitely weren’t trying to make it happen.

“All of you did this to me, you know,” Alayna said.

“What? How did we do this to you?”

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“Everyone talked it up! I have your mother in one ear like, ‘When are you having another one? When are you having another one?’ Brady in the other ear yelling at me because we woo hoo too much, and then Devan telling his entire class about our ‘games!’ All of you spoke pregnancy into being.”

“What…are you not happy that we’re expecting again?”

“Oh no! I’m thrilled! I’m just a lot less thrilled about letting your mother know. She’ll think we did it for her.”

“Well, Miss Lady, you should have thought about that while you were winning all of the games.”

“Shut up! I’m gonna go throw up now.”

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Roland couldn’t have been happier about the arrival of a new son or daughter. He hoped it would be a daughter. He still couldn’t stop smiling.

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The next morning, Alayna was playing a concerto when someone knocked at the door. She leaned back on the bench to see who it was.

Crap! I don’t want to hear it today.

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As fate would have it, Kelly Ann would show up right after Alayna found out she was pregnant. She reluctantly got up and let her in.

“Hey, mama. Come in.”

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“How you doin’, sweetheart?”

“I’m all right…I’m pregnant again.”

“I can see that, honey. I’m getting old, but I’m not blind!”

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“We found out last night….It was a good surprise,” she added to let Kelly Ann know they didn’t plan this to cut down on gloating.

“Well it’s such wonderful news! I knew it was coming sometime soon.”

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Alayna clearly does not understand what it means to be a mother-in-law and a grandma. There will always be gloating.

Kelly Ann continued, “Now, things are going to be different this time around. I’m gonna be around more, and I want you to get more rest. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna get you a maid!”

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Before Alayna could say, “You don’t have to do that. I can manage,” she thought about it and realized it was a very good idea. Alayna was a neat Sim and didn’t mind keeping the house clean, but with all the money they had, why shouldn’t they have one.

“Thanks, mama. That’s actually a pretty good idea.”

Just as Kelly Ann was about to share more of her “good ideas,” Devan arrived home.

“Heeeey, it’s Devan! Look who’s here, Dev!”

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“Hi grandma! I got a B on my report card! Will you buy me some clay pleeeeeease?”

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“Of course I will, sugar! Grandma will buy you anything you want!”


“What do you say to grandma, Dev?”

“Thank you, grandma,” he said in a cute sing-song voice.

“Hey, guess what! You’re going to be a big brother,” Alayna announced.

“But you said you and daddy didn’t make a baby.”

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“What in the world did you tell him,” Kelly Ann asked.

“You don’t wanna know what he told us,” she said through her teeth. “When I said that, I didn’t know that we had made one already. But, now we know! Are you excited?”

“I’m gonna be a big brother for real?”

“Yep! We’re having a baby!”


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Kelly Ann finished telling Alayna about her “good ideas” while Devan wandered off and happily thought about his new little brother or sister.

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