8.16 Growing Up So Fast

Alayna was well into her third trimester when Devan’s teen birthday came around. She wanted to make a lot of good food and a fancy cake for him, but she was still so sick. The baby was sapping all of the energy from  her in this last trimester, and she just didn’t have any left by party time. So, she made one plate of BLTs and a strawberry cake. She had to get to bed before she dropped, and it was only 5:30. She hated that she was going to miss her son age up, but she just couldn’t do it. A few of the guests had arrived, so she pulled him aside before he ran and got carried away with them.

“Happy birthday, my son,” she said and hugged him.

02-27-15_11-37 PM-2

“Thank you, mommy!”

“Look…Dev…I don’t want you to be mad, but…I’m not going to be able to stay for the party.”

“Where are you going?”

“To bed. I’m so sorry. The baby is making me very tired, and I need to go to sleep right now.”

“Ok, mommy. Nite nite!”

“You’re not mad?”

02-27-15_11-37 PM-3


“Are you sure?”


“Ok. You are the best little boy. Ahhh, I wish I could see you grow up tonight. [sigh] Ok, well, go enjoy your cousins and you can tell me how everything went tomorrow, ok?”


“I love you, Devan!”

“I love you too, mommy!”

And he dashed away. He found this guy in the living room.

02-27-15_11-44 PM

He didn’t recognize him at first, but he only knew one guy with fiery red hair like that. He had to be sure, so he waited for him to turn around.

02-27-15_11-45 PM-2

“Brycen! You’re big like I’m gonna be!”

“Hey kid. I had my birthday too. Me and Jalisa did.”

“Cooool! We’ll all be big together!”

Here is the new Jalisa, looking just like her mom.

02-27-15_11-50 PM

Kelly Ann and Ronnell Holmes also had their elder birthday.

02-27-15_11-50 PM-2

02-27-15_11-51 PM

Marli brought Jo Jo this time. It turns out that she and her husband didn’t attend the triplets’ birthday party because River had just died. Rest in peace, River Pitts! (quick, shameless plug for my other story 🙂 River and Melody are both alive and well in their own story! Check out F.I.S.H.)

02-27-15_11-53 PM

Brady and Robyn were in the kitchen at the same time eating. He thought it was nice.

“Can you believe our nephew is about to be a teenager,” he asked.

02-27-15_11-47 PM

“No! I feel so old now.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

Although he was supposed to be getting over her, he still couldn’t help how he felt about her. So, he decided to be a bit naughty and see if he could make her a little bit jealous.

“Oh…I thought you’d like to know that I’ve been sleeping with our maids.”

02-27-15_11-48 PM


Devan always loved having his cousins around. He would talk to them all night if his parents let him.

02-27-15_11-46 PM

02-27-15_11-53 PM-2

But it was getting late, and Roland thought he should blow out the candles.

“Come on, big man. Are you ready?”


“Go ahead!”

02-27-15_11-59 PM

02-27-15_11-59 PM-2

02-28-15_12-00 AM

Here is Devan 2.0 with his father’s face, eyes, and mouth, and his mother’s eye color, nose, and body frame. Gotta love genetics. He gained the lazy trait and the computer whiz aspiration.

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