8.20 Weekend Pruett Roll Up


Devan is a great kid still. He spends most of his free time on the computer finding pen pals and working on his programming and gaming skills, but he’s still a straight A student, maintains a high relationship with his parents, and is working on a good relationship with his little brother.

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Alayna is still trying to be supermom. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a job because she would be a mess. One night, she heard Anthony screaming. It woke up her up out of her sleep. She knew he was wet because she fed him before she went to bed. She went downstairs to change him, but Lance was visiting too.

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“Alayna,” Lance said sternly.

“Hey, daddy. I’ll be out of your way in a minute. Let me get him squared away first.”

“Go back to bed, Alayna. I can take care of him.”

“It’s ok, daddy, I–”

“I took care of three of you! Surely I can handle one.”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I wasn’t trying to…here…he’s all yours.”

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“Tell your mommy she needs to learn how to accept help, Anthony.”

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“Didn’t I tell you I was going to come see you?”


Roland is a superdad without even trying. His sons just adore him. This makes twice that the child ages up and autonomously interacts with him first.

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It looks like Alayna finally got a mini me–well, as far as looks are concerned. Anthony got his father’s loves the outdoors trait. Check out Anthony’s school picture compared to Alayna’s when she was his age. They’re twins!



It’s been a few weeks since Brady’s blow up with Robyn. He felt good about finally being free of his teenage dream. He was a grown Sim and needed to begin acting like one. Firstly, he stopped preying on the maids and his PT clients. He now has a few male clients too. Secondly, he stopped focusing solely on getting over Robyn and is getting into other things such as getting to know his nephews more intimately and helping Alayna around the house. Finally, it appears that his efforts have not been in vain.

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“Same time tomorrow?”

“Sure. I’ll be here,” Viviana said.

Many of Brady’s clients see him once a week. But, there has been one client he sees every day. Her name is Viviana Harmon. She is a young adult who is good, likes sports (bro), and is family oriented. And, she just happens to want to be a bodybuilder too! To be completely honest and fair to her, but also show Brady’s growth, she became his client back in the days when he was seeking out women to help him get over Robyn. So, needless to say, things began quite quickly for them. But, while most of those clients neither return nor get invited back, she kept coming. There was something different about this one. They got to know each other–without the woo hoo–and they seem pretty keen on each other. We shall see what happens!

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