8.24 Batting Zero

Owen enjoyed Cora’s company, but they both knew that nothing would ever come of it. But, it was kind of her to knowingly fill in the gaps until either he patched things up with Alexia or found someone else. Besides, it would have been weird with the three of them being friends. Well, with the three of them being acquainted, rather. After accomplishing his goal of being fabulously wealthy, he knew it was time to reconnect with her. He knew it was going to be a challenge because the last time he tried to speak with her, she went off on him. This time, she wasn’t very keen on seeing him either, but he was very polite and promised that they would just talk–nothing else. He took her to The Fountain.

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“So…how are your parents,” he asked nervously.


“Oh. Well…better than being dead, he he he…”

Owen! That was totally LAME!

Luckily Alexia did not respond to that.

Ok…this is not going well at all. Just…tell her what you feel, Owen.

“Alexia…I’m not gonna waste your time with pointless small talk when you clearly do not want to be here…especially with me. So, I’m just gonna say what I came here to say, and you can do with it what you will. I have not forgotten about you. I realize that I totally suck at keeping in contact. I’ve been…busy…trying to accomplish something. I’m not very good at handling several things at once. I haven’t really talked to anyone, even my own siblings, but you were always on my mind–”

“Owen, I’m just gonna go ahead and stop you right there…

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“I agreed to come here so you would quit asking me. We are not ok, and we will never be ok. You have offended me to the nth degree, and I don’t ever think I can forgive for what you have done to me.”

“You keep saying that I’ve done something to you, but you never tell me what it is! Tell me what I’ve done so I can own up to it and beg for your forgiveness! It’s not fair for you to hold a grudge against me, and I don’t even know what it is! Is this you being insane?”

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“WHAT? You self-righteous plumhead! You know what? I’m not going to waste my words on you. You don’t deserve to know. I hope you never find out! I hope guilt eats at you for the rest of your life, and then I hope you rot in Grim Reaper’s locker,” she said and stormed away.

“But…what did I do?!”

Owen left there feeling dejected and frustrated. He seriously had no clue as to what had gotten under Alexia’s skin. To make matters worse, when he got home, this was happening on the front porch.

03-14-15_1-20 AM

Out of respect for such a tender moment, he went around to through the back door. But, really, he was just angry and needed to not see that in the mood that he was in. Brady made the announcement after dinner.

03-14-15_1-31 AM

“Everyone…I have something to say.”

Everyone stopped their conversations and looked at him.

“I asked Viviana, my angel, to marry me! And she said yes!”

Everyone cheered, gasped, OMG’d, and congratulated them all at once, but Owen just sat there stewing in his seat.

“Some guys just have all the luck,” he said under his breath–or so he thought.

“What was that, Owen,” Roland asked.

“I said…I wish them the best of luck.”

What do you think Alexia is mad at? Or, is this her insanity talking and there really isn’t an issue? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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