8.25 Oh Brother

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On this rare yet fortunate morning, the triplets found themselves having breakfast in the same room. Brady had a day off, and Owen had taken a vacation day. Alayna was sharing some wild tale that Anthony had come home with one day. Both guys were so proud of their nephews and wondered what the future held for them–especially Owen. Brady was more excited than contemplative seeing as how he was soon to wed the girl of his dreams. Alayna left the guys to go invite Marli over. It had been far too long since they had spoken. Owen sat next to Brady, and they finished their breakfast.

“I’m guessing things didn’t go well with Alexia yesterday, huh,” Brady asked.

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“How would you guess that?”

“If things went well, I think you would have made an announcement last night too. So…what happened?”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know!”

“She’s still mad?”

“Yes! I don’t even know what she’s mad about! And she won’t tell me because she’s punishing me for whatever it was I did to her! She is CRAZY! I don’t even know if there is really anything wrong. You know she hears voices and stuff. I don’t know why I hung on for this long. I’m not sure I’d be able to deal with–”

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Owen interrupted himself and realized who he was talking to and what he sounded like.

“Oh. I’m sorry, bro. I didn’t mean–”

“You’re a piece of work! You and Robyn. You’re doing the exact same thing to Alexia that Robyn did to me! You’re both shallow! No wonder she’s mad at you! I am 100% on Alexia’s side on this one.”

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“But, Brady! How is it right for her to keep my offense to herself? It’s not fair that she won’t even tell me what I’ve done to offend her. You have to give me that one.”

“Whether it’s fair or not, you spent all these years tending those flowers and working yourself to death all for a lousy  300,000. You called her, like, once? And you can’t understand why she’s so upset? You’re worse than I thought.”

“I don’t think that’s it though. I mean, she has my number. We haven’t moved. Why hasn’t she reached out to me after all this time? I can’t be mad at her for the same reason? And if that really is the reason, then why not just say so? It has to be something else.”

“Who cares what it is, Owen! You need to move on and find someone else…unless you’re just settled on not being the heir. Remember what dad said? I’m going to have a son, so I’m totally prepared to continue the legacy if you won’t.”

“At this point, Brady…I don’t know what I want. I just need some time to think.”

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Viviana had stayed over and finally woke up and joined everyone else.

“Good morning, sugar bear.”

“Hi! You’re just the Sim I want to see. Come sit. I was thinking…since we’ll be getting married soon, why don’t you just go ahead and move in? That’ll make it easy to plan the wedding, and…we don’t have to be away from each other every day…what do you think?”

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“I think it’s a great idea! Wow…I wasn’t expecting this when I woke up this morning. This is exciting!”

“I know, right? I feel like going for jog! Come with me!”


Meanwhile, in the next room, Alayna was filling Marli in on all the latest family gossip.

“No! Are you serious? ALL the maids?”

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“Well, not the guys, but yeah…all the maids!”

“So what’s this one’s name?”

“Viviana, but she wasn’t a maid. She was a client. He was going through them too.”

“Whaaaat? Daaaaag! Robyn jacked him up!”

“She really really did. But that’s all behind us now. Viv is great. She is what he has always needed and wanted. I’m so glad he found her…no matter how he found her!”

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