8.26 Private Conversations – Part I

Saturday morning, Alayna was walking through the house trying to catch up with everyone, but she was largely unsuccessful. What she saw disappointed her. Everyone, except Viviana who was working out, was glued to some screen. Her boys were in the downstairs office playing video games. Anthony had been working on his motor skills and found Keyboard Commander much more enjoyable than playing on the monkey bars. Besides, he could hang with his big brother while Devan was in the VR system.  Roland and Owen were upstairs in the game room filling out reports for work. She liked that they could afford to have all of that stuff available to everyone, but she was concerned that everyone was becoming too dependent on technology. She decided that as soon as Brady returned home from work at 2:00, they would all head out to the park to enjoy the fresh air and all the amenities nature had to offer. Upon their arrival, Owen went to the back of the park to try his hand at fishing. He decided to get out of the botany business and changed his aspiration to angling. The boys went to the playground and caught up with their cousins. Brady and Viviana and Alayna and Roland went to opposite ends of the park to sit and have an important, private conversation. Here is Brady and Viviana’s conversation.

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“Viv…I feel weird asking you this after I ask you to marry me and move in with me. I feel like we’ve known each other for a lot longer than we have, but I’ve never taken the time to ask you where you’re from. What’s your family like? Tell me about you.”

“Oh! Yeah….I guess we talk about you so much, I didn’t realize I hadn’t shared anything about myself.”

“I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t made you feel like my needs are more important than yours. I don’t feel that way at all!”

“Please. I’ve never felt more cared for in my entire life!”


“Yeah. My life kinda sucked before I met you. I’m from Sunset Valley…no laughing!”

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“Ha! Why do we always make jokes about Sunset Valley? It looks like a nice enough place.”

“I don’t know how we became the brunt of the entire Simiverse’s jokes. Anyway, I have one older brother who is a lot older than me. I don’t really know him. He wanted to be an actor, so he moved to Bridgeport after he graduated when I was still in elementary school. He never came back home. My parents are…ummm…interesting. Let’s just say that they are perpetually juiced. On top of that, my father is a hot head, and I don’t think my mom really liked me much…or any children for that matter. I have my fair share of crazy aunts and uncles. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time alone. All I’ve ever really wanted was a normal family. I think that’s why I love your family so much.”

“We’re not normal. Nobody lives how we live. We’re what’s called a legacy family, and my brother is the heir. The heir inherits the house and all the money. Who does that? Nobody lives that way anymore.”

“That’s true, but the family dynamics are what I’m talking about. You guys love each other so much even though you fight sometimes. You have each other’s backs, you spend time together, and you support each other. That’s what families are supposed to be about!”

“I guess you’re right. I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“You didn’t enjoy your childhood.”

“Oh. Don’t worry about that. I got through it ok.”

They paused for a moment to just sit and enjoy the gentle breeze, sun, and the not-so-distant sounds of children playing nearby.

“Speaking of families,” Brady said, “what do you want our family to be like? I don’t really care about our children growing up to be important doctors and scientists and fancy things like that. I just want a big, happy family.”

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“How big is big?”

“I don’t know. Maybe…four or five kids. Is that too many?”

“Ummm…it was more than what was thinking, but…it’s ok. I think large families are fun to be around. I just hope I can handle it and be a good wife to you and mom to the kids.”

“I think you’ll be great.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re so caring! And you have an awesome quiet strength about you. You pick up on things easily. The kids won’t be able to outsmart you!”

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“Ha! We’ll see about that.”

“What about the wedding? I bet you want a big fancy party and a fancy dress.”

“The dress, I wouldn’t mind, but…honestly? I would be fine with eloping…but that would leave your family out. I don’t think you would want that.”

“Yeah…that’s true. So we’re having a big party then?”

“Do you want a big party?”

“No…not really.”

“What if we found a happy medium between eloping and a big party?”

“That would be great!”

“We could have a small, quiet, backyard wedding with just the family!”

“Viv! You’re so smart, and I love you. That is perfect! Apart from my clients and co-workers, I don’t really know anyone else, and I don’t think you would want them there anyway, right?”

“Ha! I totally do not! I hope you don’t want them there either.”

“I don’t. Trust me! Or…maybe I should invite them just to show them that I’m really serious about not seeing them again.”

Viviana raised an eyebrow.

03-22-15_10-52 PM-2

“…of course, I’m only kidding!”

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