8.27 Private Conversations – Part II

Alayna and Roland’s conversation in the park Saturday afternoon…

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Alayna and Roland took a seat by the water and listened to it splashing against the rocks. The song that the birds sang was soothing, but not enough to slow Alayna’s racing thoughts. She had something rather pressing on her mind, but she really didn’t want to interrupt the moment. After all, she brought everyone out there to enjoy nature. However, her topic of conversation had a timestamp on it, so she had to bring it up soon.


“Yes, dear?”

“We need to talk.”

“Okaaay. Did I do something?”


“Oh. Well, good. What’s on your mind, baby?”

“I need to have a conversation with my brothers, but I need to discuss it with you first to make sure you’re ok with it.”

“All right…ok with what exactly?”

She always knew this time would come but never imagined it would be this hard. She knew what she needed to say but still struggled to find the right words. Everything she began to say sounded more like a command than a suggestion, but ultimately her mind was made up, and there wasn’t anything he could really do about it.

“I think we need…no, we’re going to have to…ok…it’s time for us to get our own house.”

Really? Why? I mean, I’m not opposed, but why now? I know you grew up here, but now this is our sons’ home too.”

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“Think about it! The house is almost full, and now that Viviana lives here, you know there’s gonna be a baby soon. And then, what if Owen finally gets his head out of the sand and gets married? It’s technically his house anyway, and there won’t be any room for his family.”

“All of that makes sense, and if you really want to leave, I’m all for it. But…why us? Why do we have to be the ones to leave? I would think that with your affinity for all things family and knowing the history and all, you deserve to stay.”

“I’m flattered, but this isn’t a popularity contest. I mean, there are four of us, Roland. We take up half the occupancy of this house. It only makes sense for us to go, but that’s not the only reason. It’s because of my knowledge of the family that we should go. I have a historical reason why it should be us.”

“School me.”

“In families like ours, you have the heir who is the one who will inherit everything and is expected to carry on the legacy. But, there is also the sibling, or siblings, called spares. The spares are the other eligible siblings who could become heir in case something happens to the heir.”

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“Heirs and spares…sounds like some medieval board game or something.”

“Our family is a strict traditional patriarchy. That means that only natural born males are eligible to be the heir.”

“So, that makes Brady the spare, and you…”

“That makes me nothing. I’m pretty much in the way of the family’s progress.”

“Do you really think that? It’s not true at all. If it wasn’t for you, the family history would die. You are progressing the family!”

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“I appreciate that, but…logistically speaking, what I said is true. You know about these zoning laws here. There can only be a maximum of eight Sims per house. If we don’t move out, the legacy will end, and it will be my fault! Sisters in this family have been in this same situation for eight generations now. I’ve always known I was going to have to be the first to leave. Honestly…I thought we would have been gone by now.”


“Well…I love my brothers, I really do, but I wasn’t confident that they would get their act together–namely Owen. I mean, I’ve always rooted for Brady, but…you know…things are different with him. But yeah, so I thought there would be room for us to stay until we wanted to leave on our own. I guess after a while, I just got comfortable. I wasn’t really thinking that we would need to leave so quickly.”

“So when do we tell the boys?”

“Let me talk to my brothers first, but in the meantime, let’s start looking for a house. When we find one, then we can tell them.”

“Ay ay, captain! You seem to have everything under control.”

“You know I do…especially when it’s a win-win situation. Owen and Brady get their families, and you know what we get?”


“Just think…when the boys aren’t home, we will be completely alone.”

“And we can play as many games as we want! Oooh, I can’t wait!”

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37 thoughts on “8.27 Private Conversations – Part II”

  • I’m sad Alayna’s family is leaving but she makes a good point. Brady is technically the spare and she won’t be able to contribute to the legacy in any way, not even as a spare because she is a woman. I sometimes worry about my legacy, which is a matriarchy, and what will happen if one of my heiresses only has boys. Will I have to make her keep trying until she has a daughter? What if she ends up having 6 boys and no room for another child that could possibly be a girl? The legacy will then have to go to a daughter of her sister but what if she doesn’t have a sister or what if her sister only has boys as well? Hmm… I think the next legacy I do will follow gender equality law just to save myself that kind of headache. LOL.

    • LOL, yes, she WILL have to keep trying until they had a girl…same thing with mine. I’m always nervous when the first child is a girl lol. I love girls, of course, but at least if the first kid is a boy, I know they would only need to have potential one more child. Remember back in gen 6 with Jayden and Maliyah? Jayden was nervous because I was nervous LOL. That generation didn’t have any spares, but luckily it all worked out. Now that I think about it…a lot of my families don’t have spares LOL. Let’s see…Xavier died before he could have another son, Donovan technically had two sons, but Thaddeus would have been ineligible (and they got culled lol), and Jayden had one. So only Aiden and Lance have had two sons lol. Let me ask you something while I have your attention lol. My legacy hasn’t been 100% Pinstar compliant for a long time (lol), but there are certain core rules that I don’t want to violate. Do heirs and spares absolutely need to be born to married parents? I’m toying with an idea right now, and I remember the rules keep saying “primary spouse.” BUT…it also says that the “primary spouse” doesn’t necessarily have to be the ones to birth the next generation. What do you think?

      • I don’t follow Pinstar’s rules to a T. Certain things like the heir being a blood relative of the founder and the heir living in the legacy home for life I follow. But I don’t think the parents have to be married for the child to be legitimate. In my legacy Adrienne was a contender for heiress but her parents, Ariana and Don, were never married. I don’t think the parents have to be married as long as the child is the biological child of the current heir. Unlike the Sims 3 where the child automatically inherits the mother’s last name at birth (whether it’s her maiden name or married name) you can choose a child’s first name AND last name. So let’s say if Vivianna and Brady had a baby boy before they were married when the baby is born he can take Brady’s last name and be a legitimate heir as far as I’m concerned. With the Sims 3 you had to marry the parents if the current heir was male just to avoid the hassle of changing the child’s last name at City Hall. I hated that but Sims 4 gives you more flexibility. So I say bring forth the out-of-wedlock children if you wish! LOL

  • Yeah, I think I would definitely play gender equality if I do a legacy. I love the way you ended it with a bit of humor too. Plus we all know you’ll spend some time telling the story at their new house. This ain’t goodbye!

    • Not at all! I love this family!
      If/when I play another legacy, I’ll probably do the same thing. This really sucks sometimes, but it does make for some very interesting situations!

  • Awwww…I was hoping it wouldn’t be them, but you’re entirely right about this situation. I always hate moving out the spares, but then the story just continues.
    I’m glad I’m just doing first born, but if/when my next legacy comes around, I might challenge myself with some more strict rules…we’ll see.
    I shall miss Alayna and the fam…unless they get a spin off 😉

  • Yay! I’m glad Alayna gets to leave! I feel like, if she stayed, she would have been taking care of grown adult men (her brothers) for the rest of her damn life, carrying the weight but getting zero credit – she deserves some freedom and her own home!

    • Ha! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re totally right about that! She’s going down in the Pruett Hall of Fame. Actually…if things turn out how I think they’ll turn out…all three of them may end up in the hall of fame for three different reasons lol.

  • I think you should come up with some more interesting story lines, the ones you have aren’t too bad but you could get some really enticing ideas, like maybe an unexpected death or an affair or maybe a really sad storyline

  • Please add one of my sims into the story it would be much appreciated, I would love to see how one of my sims can be in your legacy

  • Hopefully soon, I’m loving the series! I missed a bit but I’ve caught up now. It’s weird to think we’ve been through 7 generations already

    • I do lol. Legacy challenges are so restrictive. There’s no way I can do this for an extended amount of time. It’s already been like six months lol. That’s why I have the Pruett Alternate Realities stories so even though the legacy is over, the characters don’t die. They’ll live on in their own worlds with their own stories. I only have one started right now, but I have ideas for three or four more.

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