8.29 A Most Momentous Occasion

Alayna had been running around the house all day trying to get it cleaned up and ready for the wedding. True, this would be an affair just amongst the family–just the household to be exact–but somehow she still felt the need to go the extra mile. That’s what being a neat perfectionist will do. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Alayna had also decided to do a big dinner to honor Brady and Viviana before the wedding.

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“Sooooo…in a few hours, you’ll be Mrs. Viviana Pruett! How do you feel,” Alayna asked.

“Honestly? I’m feeling good! I think because I’ve already moved in and have lived here for a week, I don’t have an anxiety. I feel like I’m already part of the family.”

“You are! You’ve been part of the family ever since Brady invited you to dinner that first time.”

“You’re very kind, Alayna.”

Meanwhile, in the gym, Brady was having some pre-wedding jitters.

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“Everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine! That’s what she said, right? Yeah! She said everyone is a little crazy sometimes. Well, I’m a lot crazy a little of the time. Does that make a difference? I haven’t scared her off yet. I only yelled at her twice! The first time she just smiled. The second time took her more by surprise, but she kissed me right after. She’s gonna stick around, right? Yeah, she’ll stick around. She loves me! She loves me!! HA!”

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“DINNER IS READY,” Alayna yelled.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and joined everyone at the dinner table. Alayna waited for everyone to get settled and serve themselves before she went on with her “program.”

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“Ummm…,” she began with everyone looking at her. “Oh llamas…I said I wasn’t going to cry!”

She took a few seconds to breathe and choke back her tears before she made her speech.

“I know we all eat dinner together a few times a week, but I wanted tonight to be special especially because we’re not doing the traditional big party wedding. So, let’s go around the room and wish Brady and Viv the best of luck in their new life together. Let’s shower them with blessings!”

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“I’ll go first. Viviana…first of all, it’s SO nice to have another girl in the house! I am so glad you came into my brother’s life. I know he probably wishes that it could have been sooner, but I think the timing was perfect. You, Brady, have found the perfect one for you, and I believe you are in good hands. Viv, you’re in good hands too. It won’t always be easy, but you’re always in good hands. Remember that. I love you both and wish you every happiness.”

“I’ll go next,” Owen said.

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“Little bro…by 10 minutes…I could never beat you in chess! I never knew how you did it without cheating. Now you’ve got me beat again with this beautiful girl who will soon be your wife. And I’m sure you’ll have a child soon too. I know life didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it, but I think it turned out exactly how it should. Congratulations to you both! I wish you all the best.”

“Wow. Thanks, bro.”

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“Hoooo! I think it’s a little dusty in here,” Roland said rubbing his eyes. “Well…I guess I’ll go next. Brother-in-law…I am so glad things have turned around for you. There was a time when I thought I had messed up, but life always has a way of working things out, right? Viv…welcome to the family!”

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“Heh…what,” Brady asked.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s in the past.”

“Me next, mommy! Me next,” Anthony shouted.

“Ok, honey! Go ahead.”

“Uncle Brady and Aunt Viviana, I hope you have lots and lots of kids, and I hope they play with me on the pirate ship.”

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“HA,” Brady laughed. “We will have lots and lots of kids. And you can teach them how to be pirates.”


“I guess it’s my turn,” Devan said. “Uncle Brady…Aunt Viv…I hope you two have epic game time!”

03-30-15_9-33 PM


“Epic game time,” Owen repeated to himself with a confused look on his face.

“Son! That’s not appropriate,” Roland said.

“What does that mean,” Viviana whispered to Alayna.

“Spectacular woo hoo,” Alayna whispered. “It’s an embarrassing story…I’ll tell you ’bout it later.”

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“OMG,” Viviana laughed.

“What in the world do they teach these kids at school,” Brady asked.

“You don’t wanna know,” Alayna said.

Everyone talked and finished their dinner. When Alayna was done, she stood up and gave everyone their instructions.

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“Ok, everyone! Finish your food, shower, pee, and whatever else and be outside in an hour. When this cake is done, it’s go time!”

Everyone finished their food and conversations and went their separate ways. When Brady and Viviana had changed into their clothes, they went outside a little early just to enjoy a few minutes of quiet.

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Viviana grabbed Brady’s hand and asked, “Are you nervous at all?”

“I’m a nervous wreck!”

“Really? Why?”

“You know why.”

“Sugar bear…I told you. I don’t scare easy! You’ll have to do more than yell to get rid of me.”

“Oh, Viv. I love you so much.”

One by one the “guests” trickled outside. Shortly after, they began with their vows.

03-30-15_10-07 PM

“When did they do all this,” Roland asked.

“Brady Pruett…I love you! I knew from the moment I saw you that you were special, and I wanted to be the one to find out why. You are patient and kind and loving and caring and passionate! I pledge to spend my life loving you, caring for you, be patient and kind to you, and sharing in the things that you feel passionate about.”

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“Viviana Harmon, my angel…I don’t deserve you! I did a lot of screwed up things in my life, but somehow the Watcher smiled upon me and gave me you. I feel like every time we talk, I pledge myself to you. So, I’ll just say this:  Viv, I take you to be my wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health until death. I love you!”

“KISS THE BRIDE,” Devan yelled.

“Devan! Behave,” Alayna said.

Of course Brady did kiss the bride.

03-30-15_10-08 PM-3

The “crowd” cheered and applauded the new Pruett couple as they took some time to enjoy the moment, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“Hi, Mrs. Pruett,” Brady whispered.

“Hi, husband,” Viviana whispered back.

03-30-15_10-09 PM

“Ok! Everybody inside for cake,” Alayna ordered.

“I’m still trying to figure out when they put all this together,” Roland said.

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