8.30 The Big Thing

The beautiful thing about Brady and Viviana’s relationship is that it hasn’t changed. It’s only gotten stronger. Viviana is still Brady’s best client. They even jog together now. He’s still helping her train for a bodybuilding competition. Her muscle mass is at its maximum, and she is so close to getting to where she needs to be for the competition. She’s logged a lot of gym hours and has the body to show for it. Now, she only needs to learn a few more things to get her fitness skills topped out. When she’s not working out, she takes up learning mixology. That seems to be a popular skill to learn as Alayna took it up as well a few weeks ago.

One night, the Holmes family was having dinner while Viviana was practicing making drinks. Then, this happened….

04-02-15_7-43 PM

“Hey, Aunt Viv! Getting ready for an epic night of games?”

04-02-15_7-44 PM


“What, mama? I’m just sayin!”

“What is with you and all this talk about ‘games’ lately?? Huh? Is this what you talk to people about on the computer all night? Are you messing around with girls??”


“Are you lying to me?”

“I’m not lying! Does this look like the face of someone who would lie to his mother?”

04-02-15_7-45 PM

Such a cute little face, Alayna thought. Where has the time gone?

“Devan…if you’re curious about…things…you know you can talk to us…to your father.”

“Oh Watcher,” Roland said under his breath.

Are you, Devan? Are you curious?”

“Ok…this just got weird,” Devan said.

“Just talk to your dad, ok? Whenever you’re ready.”

An awkward silence covered the room. Nothing but the clinking of metal forks against porcelain plates could be heard. Suddenly, Alayna remembered she had to tell Roland something, but she had to mask it so the boys wouldn’t catch on…she had hoped.

“Oh! Roland! Ummm…we have to go…see a man about a horse….”


04-02-15_7-46 PM

“Remember? We have to go see the horse?”

Roland laughed and said, “Baby! I don’t think that’s what that means!”

04-02-15_7-47 PM

“Are we getting a horse, mommy,” Anthony asked.

“Ok, whatever! But you know what I’m talking about, right?”

Roland just stared at her.

“The big thing that we need to go see?”

04-02-15_7-46 PM-2

“Oh! You found the thing,” Roland asked finally catching on.

“Yes! I found the thing! We need to go see it after dinner.”

“Will you guys knock it off? This is insulting,” Devan said.

So Alayna and Roland finished their dinner and went to go see the “big thing.”

04-02-15_7-52 PM

“Isn’t it beautiful, Roland?”

“It’s nice. What’s it like on the inside?”

“It’s perfect for us! It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, and it comes with a violin and a guitar! The smallest bedroom is perfect for Anthony because it has all kinds of toys in it, and the second bedroom is perfect for Anthony with a computer in it. And they even share a Jack and Jill bathroom! But, Roland…the master suite is SICK! It’s huge and so romantic. It has a sitting area, fireplace, and TV, and the bathroom is ginormous! And look at this neighborhood! It’s so beautiful!

04-02-15_7-55 PM

“And we’re right next door to a park! Anthony would love that seeing as how he’ll have to leave the jungle gym behind.

04-02-15_7-54 PM

“And look! We can live right across the street from The Fountain!

04-02-15_7-54 PM-2

“Devan can look after Anthony now…we can have date nights! What do you think? Please say you love it,” Alayna begged.

“Baby…you know you don’t have to sell it to me. You had me at the master suite!”

04-02-15_7-53 PM-2

“Really,” she squealed. “Ok! Ok…I’ll call the agent in the morning and tell her we’d like to make an offer. Oh, Roland this is so exciting!!”

She pounced on him and attacked him with a bear hug.

“Watch it now, girl. My back isn’t as strong as it used to be.”

“Your back is strong enough for my purposes,” she said and winked. “Let’s go home. I can’t wait to start packing!!”

04-02-15_7-59 PM

I married the smartest Sim on the planet, Roland thought.

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