8.36 Subsequent Blasts

Owen did call a real estate agent to get the ball rolling on finding a house. He said he wanted a fully furnished house with three bedrooms and three or four bathrooms. He wasn’t picky about the rest seeing as how most homes in the area that were that large were very nice. The agent told him that there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that this time of year was the most popular season for home purchasing, and the inventory was very low at the moment. But, the good news was there was only one home that fit his criteria, and it was very beautiful and an excellent price. Owen told the agent that he would take it. The confused agent wanted to know if he wanted to see it first, but Owen said he didn’t care and trusted that it was very nice. He instructed the agent to make a generous offer to the seller and move to close within three days.

The good news of his home purchase made him happy, but the thought of what he was about to do next brought him all the way down. He took a deep breath as he walked to the Gabriel residence.

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He knocked on the door and could see all three of the Gabriels in the back of the house. Cora yelled that the door was open, and he let himself in. The sight of her made his pressure rise, but he tried to keep calm.

04-04-15_11-58 AM

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He walked with a steady pace to where they were, trying to keep his cool. He was determined not to fly off the handle…right away.

“Oh! Hi Owen! What brings you around so early in the morning,” he heard Cora say.

But he ignored her and kept walking.

04-04-15_11-59 AM

“Are you ok? You look upset,” she said.

“I’ll deal with you later,” he said and walked past her.

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He didn’t have to say anything. She put his unscheduled appearance and Ryan’s late night together and knew exactly what he was there for.

“Owen, I…I’m sorry! I wanted to tell you so many times, but I promised I wouldn’t! I’m so sorry! I swear I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” she cried and grabbed onto him.

“But you did, Cora! You did hurt me,” he yelled and flung her off him.

04-04-15_12-00 PM

He lost his cool.

“We were friends, Cora! Did that mean anything to you?! Or were you just trying to keep tabs on me to corroborate your parents’ stories? Huh?? I trusted you as a friend! I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

04-04-15_12-02 PM-2

“I’m sorry, Owen! I’m sorry! It’s not like I planned this! Be angry with my parents!”

“I AM angry with your parents! You still were in on it! You helped keep them from me! All that time we spent together, Cora! All those times I asked you about her! You kept your mouth closed!! Yeah, you’re a good friend all right. NOT MINE!”

“Owen!! Please, forgive me! PLEASE! I want us to be friends!”


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“Hey now, young man,” Mr. Gabriel finally said. “Ain’t no need coming up in here and disrespecting folks. Gon’ outta here with all that!”

“WHAT?! You wanna talk respect?? You want me to respect you when you kept my children from me? You filled their heads with all kind of lies, and you want RESPECT??”

“Now, hold on, now, hold on,” Mrs. Gabriel said nervously. “I’m sure we can find some sort of common ground on this, he he.”

04-04-15_12-04 PM

“Common ground?! I’ll give you common ground,” Owen said as he found himself walking hurriedly toward them.

He had never been so out of control in all his life. He wasn’t quite sure what he was about to do. He stopped himself and breathed deeply and collected himself.

“I’m taking my kids. I’ll be back in three days.”

“You’re not taking anybody anywhere! Who do you think you are,” Mr. Gabriel shouted.

04-04-15_12-08 PM-2

“I’m Owen Pruett. Who are you?”

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8.37 Reunited

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