8.45 No Ordinary Love Part I

When Owen came home from work, he went straight into the kitchen to make dinner. Although Ryan and Kiara were not children and could always take care of themselves, Owen still liked to cook for them. It was one of the many ways he showed them that he loved them.

Ryan heard him downstairs bustling through the kitchen and came down to talk to him. He had an important matter to speak to Owen about, but he was nervous and sat silently for several minutes.

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“Ryan,” Owen said from the stove. “I can feel you looking at me.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Ryan apologized.

“What is it?”

“Well…I need to tell you something…”

“That’s obvious…”

“Well…you see…ok, you know I’ve been dating Parker for a while….I’d like to marry her.”

“Seriously,” Owen shouted as he dropped the spatula on the floor.

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“Oh, son! I just…wow! I don’t know what to say! This is…wow!!”

“I was gonna invite her over later tonight and ask her, but I was wondering if it would be ok if I asked her to move in too.”


“Thanks, dad!”

Owen had mixed emotions. He was ecstatic for his son, but he was also a bit sad and a little angry. He was grateful for the time he had with his children–truly grateful. But in moments like this, he still felt angry because his time was stolen from him. He could have had a lot more time, but someone else decided that time should not be his. And, what if Ryan and Parker wanted to get their own house? And what if Kiara found someone and got married as well? Owen would be all alone. He hoped that Ryan would stay–especially after going through the trouble of making all of that money to pass down to him.

Just like Ryan said, later that evening, he invited Parker over, and he brought her to the backyard to talk. He took her by the hand and drew her closer to him. Then, he kissed her hand and looked her straight in the eyes and spoke from the heart.

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“Parker…you’re my best friend, and I love you. One of these days, my dad won’t be around, and all of his money and this house will be mine. I don’t want to live here and manage everything alone. I want someone beside me who understands me. I want someone to care for and cherish. I want someone beautiful to have children with. I want that someone to be you…

05-02-15_1-34 PM

“Will you marry me?”

Parker was shocked and taken by surprise. She loved him, and she was glad he was proposing. She had been single for so long before they met, she had given up on finding love as a young adult. Then her adult birthday came along, and she was still single. But Ryan came along and changed her outlook on life.

“I love you, Ryan, but…

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“I can’t marry you. Not right now.”

“But…but why?”

“I need to tell you something before you decide if you really want to be married to me. There’s something about me that you should know…”

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Tune in next week to find out what it is!

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