8.48 Checkmate For Your Heart

Since Julian’s birthday, he had taken up chess to get his logic skills up. He usually played with his favorite little sister, Callie. She didn’t have too many points on the mental skill, but she always put up a good fight.

You’re going down, bub.

The older Callie got, the better she got, but Julian was not going to let her get the best of him. This particular day, he decided that he needed to take matters into his own hands.

“Look, Callie! A tiny unicorn!”

“A unicorn? Where??

Up there...in the corner...
Up there…in the corner…

“I don’t see it, Julian!

Of course I can't see it. My creative skill isn't high enough!
Of course I can’t see it. My creative skill isn’t high enough!

“You let it get it away, Julian! Bring it back!”

Guess I need to draw more pictures.
Guess I need to draw more pictures.

“Huh, what?”

I'm not an alien...
I’m not an alien…

“Hello, my brother and sister,” Sasha said.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

“It’s a glorious day! We should go to the park.”

“Yes, sister. That is an excellent idea,” Callie agreed.

“Yeah, it’s pretty boring without mom and dad here. Let’s go,” Julian said.

When they got to the park, Callie ran off to pick up some of the litter around the park. She was very upset–again–about all the filth in the world. Sasha ran off to the playground and met her cousins and some other kids. Ryan was kind enough to play the sea monster. Callie eventually joined them.


Julian saw one of his classmates and spent the day with her.

Is that really Miss Johnson??
Look at this video I found of Miss Johnson on SimTube!
There are no ants in this dirt...right?
There are no ants in this dirt…right?

After cloud gazing, Julian challenged his friend to a game of chess. It wasn’t really a challenge. He just wanted to play with her. Just as every other park visit, there were many family members out and about. Roland spotted them and decided to tease Julian a bit.

“Hey there, big fella! You and your girl got a good match going on, huh?”

See...playing chess is how it starts!
See…playing chess is how it starts!

“I’m not his girl,” she said.

“But she could be if she wanted to,” Julian replied.

“Is that so? Ok, mister. If you win this game, I’ll be your girl. If I win, then I’m not.”

“Oooooh, now that’s what I call a challenge! You up for it, nephew,” Roland instigated.

“She’s already mine, unc. She’s already mine.”

“Your confidence is cute. You better hope your skills are up to par,” she said.

It was a good game. It was even better with “ooooohs” and “oh snaps” from Roland in the peanut gallery. Although Julian only had three logic points, he was very confident that he could defeat her. He never broke a sweat, she, on the other hand, was almost feverish.

Boom. Checkmate.
Boom. Checkmate.

“Checkmate,” Julian shouted. “Who’s your boyfriend now, baby?”

“Arrrrrrg! I can’t believe you beat me!!


“You know what? It’s cool. This could be very advantageous for me. I want a fancy dinner every weekend.”

You may have one, but I'm going to have all the fun!
You may have won, but I’m going to have all the fun!

“That’s nothing! I’ll do you one better…I’ll COOK you fancy dinner every weekend!”

I am THE best boyfriend ever!

Slow down there, Julian! He clearly has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Oh well. We’ll let him have fun with this for now–she certainly is (I’ll be sure to get her name next time 🙂 ). Channing Pederson and the cute girl from Julian’s algebra class came up to them and started talking. She was just making small talk when “the girlfriend” jumped on her case.

“Hey Julian! Are you still coming to the party?”

“Excuse you,” the girlfriend yelled. “We’re on a date here!”

This is an A and B conversation. You can C your way out of it!
This is an A and B conversation. You can C your way out of it!

That night, when they got home, Julian realized he had gotten himself into some hot water.

“Mom…I need you to teach me how to cook!”

Julian & Viviana

“Really? Oh, that’s so nice that you want to learn how to–

“He doesn’t want to learn to cook,” Sasha interrupted. “He just wants to feed his girlfriends! Ha ha ha!”

Say what??
Come again??


“Your who?

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...
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