8.52 You Should Sit Down

“Hi, Owen. What’s the matter?”

“I think you should sit down.”

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“…somehow I feel like I should stand,” she said hesitantly.

“Well…ok. I’ll give you the awesome news first….I’m a grandfather!”

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“OH!!! OWEN! That is incredible! Oh my goodness! Are you happy?”

“Of course I’m happy! It’s a girl, and they named her Holly.”

“Holly Pruett…she sounds like an angel.”

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“Well…yeah,  something like that. I think you need to sit down now.”

“What’s wrong? Did something happen? Is she not all right?”

“Let’s sit down on this one…

They sat on the couch, and Owen tried to think up ways to break the news to her gently, but he couldn’t do it. It was all still very fresh for him.

“My grandbaby and my daughter-in-law are ALIENS!!”

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“A-a-aliens? Alien aliens? From o-o-outer space?

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“Are they…friendly?”

“As far as I know. She’s friendly.”

Alayna didn’t know much about aliens and all that sci-fi stuff. Before this moment, she wasn’t even sure if they were real. They both sat in silence for a while as they processed what this meant for their family–or if it meant anything at all. Suddenly, Owen began to laugh.

“What’s funny?”

“I used to be the heir,” he said still laughing. “This could have been the future of the Pruett legacy!”

“That’s not funny, Owen.”

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