8.54 The Rules

“…so, I think I’m gonna scrap the idea for the caterer,” Alayna said as she suddenly appeared in Roland’s office. “It’s just gonna be us and my brothers’ families. We don’t need to be fancy. We can do that when they turn 18.”

05-15-15_11-20 PM

“Are you eating,” Roland asked.


“No eating in my office.”


05-15-15_11-20 PM-2


“I thought that was just for the kids.”

“It is for anyone with a plate of food who crosses the threshold.”

05-15-15_11-21 PM

At first, Alayna was disappointed. But, then she realized how silly it was.

“Whatever, Roland. I gave you this office!”

05-15-15_11-22 PM

“How did you give me this office? pay for this house!”

found this house, and designated this room for you. I gave you this room! I eat where I want.”


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