8.55 Security

“So…I’m gonna ask mommy if we can have a cow plant tomorrow,” Sydney said.

05-15-15_11-31 PM

“Why do we need a cow plant,” Cienna asked.

“For security!”


“We need to see ID for everyone who comes in the door! Anyone could be an alien in disguise,” Sydney said. “And if anyone tries sneaking past it, I’m gonna call ’em out! I’m gonna say, ‘Cow plant…over there!’ And then it’ll swallow them up.”

05-15-15_11-34 PM

“That sounds like a good plan, Syd,” Ci Ci agreed.

“And then, when the paparazzi attack us, and we’re like, ‘oh please, no more pictures,’ we’ll sic the cow plant on ’em!”

05-15-15_11-32 PM

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