8.59 Brady’s Birthday Bash

“Are you sure you’re not mad,” Brady asked.

“No, I’m not mad. It’s fine. Let’s just enjoy your birthday….Your last one,” she said.

“I’m sorry, angel. I really am.”

“Stop worrying about it! Let’s go inside and greet your guests.”

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With two teenagers, a 9-year-old, and a new career, things had been hectic in the Pruett household for a while. Brady didn’t exactly forget about Viviana’s birthday, but by the time he began to make plans, it was too late. Viviana wasn’t upset that her birthday was overlooked. However, she was upset that it could potentially have been the last one she celebrated with him.

All the guests–the Pruett and Holmes clan–arrived at The Fountain and got the party started while Brady made his rounds. Sasha and Julian warmed up the dance floor with some funky fresh moves they learned at the school dance.

The caterer–who should have been at the venue hours ago to have food already prepared–still hadn’t arrived, and Viviana was hot when she discovered this. She stormed up to the kitchen to whip up some tapas quickly.

Callie, on the other hand was very sick. Her parents begged her to stay home and rest, but she didn’t want to miss her father’s epic birthday celebration. Viviana wasn’t sure what she had without running some tests at the hospital, but she hoped it was only llama flu or sweaty shivers–something not serious enough to require surgery. It was hard to tell seeing as how many illnesses were accompanied with spots. She had been ill since the morning and stayed home from school. When she arrived at the party, she was hungry but couldn’t stomach any food. So, she sat miserably at the bar and ate chips. Anthony decided to keep an eye on her.

05-18-15_3-03 PM

Suddenly, some strange Sim came in and started hurling insults at Callie!

“Hey spotty face! What are you trying to do? Get us all killed? Why don’t you go back to your mansion and stay there, spotty face!”

“Excuse me,” Anthony said. “What was that you said about my cousin??

05-18-15_3-04 PM


“I bet you won’t come over here and say it to her face! Come on over here and say it to her face!”

“You’re not gonna do anything, little rich boy,” the stranger yelled.

Anthony got up and said, “Say I won’t! You don’t know me.”

05-18-15_3-04 PM-2


The stranger quietly walked away.

“Plumming punks! Excuse my language, Callie. Are you ok?”

“Actually, yes! Thank you, Anthony.”

Her condition had cleared up, and she felt wonderful. It must have been one of those 24 hour bugs.

Meanwhile, the party was still rocking and the Pruetts and Holmes’ were getting acquainted with the newest Pruetts as there are always some new Pruett they had never met or hadn’t seen in a while.

Finally, the caterer showed up with some sob story about his transportation problems. Viviana was not hearing it.

"Oh! I make ALL the food, and NOW you show up?! I'm not paying for this!"
“Oh! I make ALL the food, and NOW you show up?! I’m not paying for this!”

Downstairs, in the lobby, Brady was waiting for his siblings to arrive, but Owen was very late.

“Have you spoken with him today,” Brady asked.

“No. I haven’t,” Alayna said.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

05-18-15_3-08 PM

“This day is so bittersweet,” she said. “Birthdays are always fun, but…this one is the least fun. And now…you’re celebrating it before me!”

“I’ll still die after you, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“No…it’s not. We just have so much life left in us! I’m not ready for aching backs and low stamina. I still have children to raise!”

“So do I! At least yours are both teenagers. I still have a little one, but it doesn’t bother me at all. If Viviana wants more kids, I will give her children until there is no breath left in me.”

“Please! You’re a man! You can do that. Where is Owen??”

They sat down and waited a few minutes, and then Ryan came through the door.

“Hey guys…dad isn’t coming,” he said.

“Typical,” Alayna snorted. “He always has to be the Lone Ranger!”


Viviana served her food–and the caterer was still trying to make it up to her–and everyone gathered in the banquet hall upstairs. Everyone must have been hungry because the food went fast. The caterer was just taking a white cake out of the oven when she went back into the kitchen.

A white cake? Who makes a white cake for a birthday party?? I should have asked this guy for references, she thought.

“I’ll take that, thanks,” she said.

“But, it’s for birthday boy,” he said with an Italian accent that she couldn’t decide was real or not.

“No. It’s not. This is dinner now. My cake that made while you weren’t here is the birthday boy’s cake. Capisce?”

05-18-15_3-22 PM

“Everyone…can I have your attention please,” Brady said. “I didn’t want to say anything until now, but I wanted to share this day with my brother-in-law! It’s his birthday too!”

“Oh! How nice! You just saved me from having to bake a cake when I get home,” Alayna said. “Thank you, Brady!”

“Anthony, you’re closest to the door. Let us know when he’s close. When he comes in, let’s all yell ‘surprise!'”

Everyone got plates of food, and white cake, and ate and fellowshipped while awaiting Roland’s arrival.

05-18-15_3-23 PM

When he walked into the room, they yelled, “Surprise!” He was definitely surprised and flattered.

“Really, Brady? You’re gonna share this with me?”

“Absolutely, brother! And why not? We’re all here…minus my real brother, but what else is new?”

“True that!”

05-18-15_3-26 PM

“Come on, man. You blow out the candles first…seeing as how you’re older than me.


Alayna replaced the candles for Brady, and he stepped up to the cake and contemplated what he wanted to wish for.

05-18-15_3-30 PM

Hmmmmmmm…I already have everything I want…what do I wish for? OH! I wish for my family to remain healthy and happy long after I’m dead.

Everyone sang loud and made noise for him as he bent down to blow out the candles.

Brady is one of the few Sims who looked forward to the Elder years. He wasn’t afraid to die and leave behind loved ones. Brady lived in the here and now, and what was most important to him was that he had done just about everything he set out to do. He experienced true love. He got his children. He did well in his career. He had a large, loving family. He couldn’t have asked for a better life!

“Thank you all for coming! I’m so glad to have seen you tonight. You stay here if you want, but I’m gonna go on home. Good night, family!”

05-18-15_3-35 PM

Brady’s clan left and headed home. It was a school night, so he didn’t want to keep his kids out too late. Before they went inside, Brady and Viviana decided to spend some time alone. Julian took Sasha inside to read to her while Callie stuck around trying to be nosey.

05-18-15_3-42 PM

“Did you have a good time, sugar bear?”

“I most certainly did!”

“What do you plan to do now?”

“You know what? I think I just want to take a hot bath and relax. I haven’t done that in a long time.”

“I’ll make you a drink to sip on!”

“Oh, my angel. You take care of me oh so very well!”

“You know what I was thinking today,” she asked.

“What’s that?”

“You made me.”

“I did no such thing. You are amazingly incredible all by yourself!”

“No. I was nobody before I met you. I was just a skinny girl who wanted to be a bodybuilder! But, I met you, and you changed my life. I became a bodybuilder. And we fell in love and got married and have children! Now I’m part of a rich family history! I’m not who I was. You made me who I am now. I love you, Brady Pruett!”

“I love you too, Viviana!”

“Now…I may have had three kids and may not work out twice a day anymore, but…I’ve still got all that strength you helped me build. I’m gonna carry you to the bath!”

“Oh no you’re not!”

“Watch me!”

05-18-15_3-43 PM-2

“I can’t believe you’re carrying me!”

“Believe it! This is your work.”

She carried him up the stairs and all the way to the back of the house to their bathroom and put him down. She started the water for him and then went to the bar to make a nice, cool, drink.

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