8.66 So In Love

Every morning, when Devan woke up, he peeked his head in Leliana’s room. He knew she wasn’t in any danger, but he just had to see her. She often smiled in her sleep, and he only needed one of those smiles to get him through the day. He’d shower and have breakfast, then, right before it was time for him to leave, he’d steal another smile for good measure.

Each night, when he arrived home, his first thought was to speak to her.

He had to see her…all the time. He was in love, and he knew it. He was certain of it and couldn’t hide it–not that he was trying to.

She put a smile on his face and pep in his step. She was his sun in the rain and his joy in pain. She was everything.

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Every thought, every decision, she was in it.

There was no more I–only we and us.

Her needs were his needs. Her concerns were his concerns.

Where he went, she followed.

These two were quickly becoming one unit, and it was beautiful.

When she first arrived, he was always pleasantly surprised–and slightly startled–to see her in his space. Now, he can’t imagine his space without her.

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